Color Scheme Inspirations: Red

Looking for idea color combinations for your red color scheme. Check out these fresh looks

Red & White

Red Bridesmaid Dress #3


Red, Crimson & Black

Red Bridesmaid Dress #2


Red & Dark Orange

Red Bridesmaid Dress #1

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Wedding Dress Alternatives

Maybe you aren’t the traditional bride or prefer to have a more low-key wedding. Whatever the reason your wedding dress is an expression of you no matter what your budget.

Below is some low-budget wedding dress inspirations to get you thinking.

Back Yard Wedding Bride

Backyard Wedding Bride


Off-Beat Bride 

Offbeat Bride


Vintage Bride

Vintage Bride


Beach Bride

Beach Wedding

Color Scheme Inspirations: Purple

Looking for idea color combinations for your purple color scheme. Check out these fresh looks

Purple & Magenta

Purple #3

Lavendar, Purple & Cream

Purple #2

Purple & Deep Plum

Purple #1

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Color Scheme Inspirations: Black

Looking for idea color combinations for your black color scheme. Check out these fresh looks

Black, Pale Green & GoldenRod

Black Bridesmaid Dress #3


Black, Fuchsia & Coral

Black Bridesmaid Dress #2


Black & White

Black Bridesmaid Dress #1

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Let Them Eat Cake: Infographic

Who doesn’t love cake! Pretty much everyone, so make sure you have enough to feed your partying guests. Check out the guide below to get an idea of how many tiers you need to accommodate all your wedding guests.

Color Scheme Inspirations: Blue

Looking for idea color combinations for your blue color scheme. Check out these fresh looks

Baby Blue & Pink

Blue Bridesmaid Dress #3

Light Blue & White

Blue Bridesmaid Dress #2

Dark Blue & Gold

Blue Bridesmaid Dress #1



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Bridesmaids: Infographic

The bride and groom arent the only important part of the wedding. The people you share your special day with is just as important and some of those people are your bridesmaids! Learn a little more about the role of the bridesmaids.

Color Scheme Inspirations: Coral

Looking for idea color combinations for your coral color scheme. Check out these fresh looks

Coral & Teal

Coral #1

Coral & White

Coral #2

Coral, Red & Tan

Coral #3



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How to Pick a Ring That Fits His Personality

Every women looks through wedding magazines at some point, or looks at the jewelry counter at the diamond engagement rings and knows what type of ring is right for her.  We almost make it easy on the guys! Most of us drop hints or point out what we like but guys are not always that easy. Maybe a few of these rings are just the inspiration you needed to pin point what type of ring you will give to your future husband.

Contemporary-  This type of man wants to show off his personality and sense of style. Contemporary rings allow for couples to create their own piece of art that they can show off to the world every day. It is usually a bold statement and a bold representation of the couple.

Traditional – This is a no frills, non-materialistic man. He understand the significance and symbolism of a traditional ring and needs no enhancements. He wants to keep the ring simple so a traditional gold or white gold band will do. This type of man is introverted or does not require a lot of attention drawn to him.

Sporty – If your guy is someone who plays a lot of sports or does a lot of manual labor but holds strong to keeping his wedding ring on. Tungsten or Titanium is the chose for this guy. This is also a more popular chose right now as well so there are plenty of stores that carry them. For a sporty guy with style, try something that is a little edgy like this woven band.

Old Fashioned/Romantic – Consider an antique or vintage ring. If you and your guy are interested in flea markets, antique shops and love the history of jewelry with a back story consider this option. But keep in mind that vintage rings might be not only sometimes be costly but they can also be difficult to find but if you find the perfect one perhaps its meant to be!

Extrovert – For the man that likes to be noticed pick a metal that is in style. Some of the more popular choices right now are white gold, platinum and palladium. To add an extra touch pick a ring with a little bling. There are lots of options for adding diamonds to your band that still have a masculine twist. Not interested in bling? try adding a special unique touch by getting a two tone ring, a mix of white gold and yellow gold.

And ladies in case you are concerned it is no longer a faux pas to not have matching wedding rings. So pick whats right for you and stop worrying about matching. You will wear it every day for the rest of your life so make sure it fits your lifestyle and your personality.

10 Questions to Ask Your Photographer Infographic

Picking your photographer is a hard choice. Unless you have loads of friends that have gotten married recently who have similar taste giving you suggestions it can be difficult to locate top photographers in your price range. So if you are choosing people within your region and your not sure how to determine the winner start with asking these 10 questions.