How Dates and Time Impact the Cost of Your Wedding

Want an easy way to save money? Pay attention to simple things like the date and time of your wedding. It’s amazing the huge impact it can have on your budget. Take a look below for things to watch out for and tips to getting the best deal.


7 Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Memories

Your wedding day goes by so fast. No matter how many people tell you to enjoy it its hard to not watch it whirl by. All those details you fretted about and planned for months are barely appreciated by you on your special day. So here are a few ways to keep those wedding memories alive.

1. Create a Shadowbox
Gather together your wedding invitation, your hand written letters to each other, your husbands boutonniere. Anything that you have that will spark a memory of the day. Organize it in a shadowbox and display it in your house. It will become a daily reminder of the commitment you have for each other.

2. Frame a Photo
Not everyone enjoys crafts so if you maybe aren’t someone who wants to create an interactive memory of your day so make it simple. Frame your favorite photo from your wedding day. It can be an 4×5 or an 16×24, the size is completely up to you. It can add a romantic touch to any room.

3. Wine Bottle
Save a wine bottle from your reception , there are so many ideas out their for creating fun decor with wine bottle.  Or if it fits into your budget create your own wine with custom labels for your wedding. Keep a few bottles as momentous to share on a special day or an anniversary.

4. Preserve Your Dress
If you don’t plan to wear your dress again or have no intention of passing it on to your children its still a good idea to take proper care of your dress. There are hundreds of stores now that will help you to preserve your dress into a special acid free box to keep it from turning yellow. Just remember to get it there within a few weeks of the wedding to keep stains from setting.

5. Dry your flowers
Bouquets now days can cost over $100 so why not enjoy it for longer than a day. You can hang your bouquet to dry it out or if you want to keep it for years to come have a professional freeze-dry or quick-dry your flowers in order to preserve them.

6. Freeze your wedding cake
Everyone’s parents kept a piece of their wedding cake in the freezer. Its become a tradition, although for some people a depleting tradition. If your interested in preserving some of your wedding cake let your baker know ahead of time so that they can keep the top part of the cake intact. Remove any decorations or flowers and place it in a freezer bag or box before putting in the freezer.

7. Create a Book
You get a hundred or so cards from shower, bachlorette parties, engagement parties and your wedding day. So why not keep them as a memento of all the wonderful people that have shared in your day and helped you to become the people you are today.  Use a paper hole puncher to punch a hole in the top left corner of your cards. Then decorate a cover, or pick your favorite card to be your cover, and set it out as a coffee table book or keep in a special spot to read through on those trying days.

No matter what you do, or how crafty you are. All that matters is that you preserve something from your wedding day as a daily reminder for you and your husband of the commitment you made for one another.

5 Tips to Cut Your Guest List

Ah the dreaded guest list. Creating the guest list is by far one of the most stressful things you will do when planning your wedding. There are lots of feelings involved in deciding who will be there to witness one of life’s major milestones.  Once you get to this point follow these 5 tips.

1. Budget & Venue

When looking at your guest list first determine what is important to you and the groom. If your budget is non negotiable decide if you would prefer to have a more casual wedding in order to accommodate more guests. Think about  how many people your venue will hold.  If the church holds less than the reception site think about inviting a smaller amount to the wedding and a larger amount to the reception.  Once you factor in these variables you can decide how many people you can reasonably have on your list.

2. Bride/Groom Ratio

Decide if the guest list will be split 50/50 or 60/40 depending on large families or mutual friends. This will help you decide how many each family can invite and give you a solid number for your future mother-in-law or your own parents in order to keep the list reasonable. Don’t forget to factor in your numbers as well to save room for your important guests, it is after all your wedding!

3. Cut by Category

Put each guest in a categorize such as A, B or C . Those in category A are absolutely invited. Those in category B will more than likely be invited, category C are a maybe and so forth. You can be more granular if you want it’s all about helping you pin point who should and shouldn’t be on the list. Once you have your list created start by count out the A’s to make sure your wedding budget and venue can handle the amount of people who without a doubt need to be invited,  continue on down until you have to start make touch decisions. Some people who may not make the cut? Maybe you decide to cut out co-workers or young kids.  The choice is completely up to you and your family, your wedding venue and what your wedding can afford.

4.  Focus on the Present

Don’t feel obligated to invite people from the past that you no longer stay in touch with. Just because you were invited to their wedding 5 years ago does not mean your relationship is the same as it was 5 years ago. Focus on those who are part of your present life and know you as a couple. If your wedding budget and list permits start adding those people who played an important role in your past that you would like their not just feel obligated to invite.

5. Stick to Your List

Once you have some boundaries created make sure to stick to them. If non-couples guests can’t bring a date, or young children are not allowed, try not to make exceptions in order to keep from offending loved ones.  It makes it easier also when someone asks you can let them know the guidelines you and your fiance have created. It makes it easier when everyone sticks to the guidelines that everyone has agreed to.

This should be a first step to cutting down your guest list. Of course there will always be some tough decisions but just try to focus on what the day is really about. It’s about celebrating your love for one another with those you care the most about and support you the most.