Color Scheme Inspirations: Black

Looking for idea color combinations for your black color scheme. Check out these fresh looks

Black, Pale Green & GoldenRod

Black Bridesmaid Dress #3


Black, Fuchsia & Coral

Black Bridesmaid Dress #2


Black & White

Black Bridesmaid Dress #1

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Let Them Eat Cake: Infographic

Who doesn’t love cake! Pretty much everyone, so make sure you have enough to feed your partying guests. Check out the guide below to get an idea of how many tiers you need to accommodate all your wedding guests.

5 Tips to Cut Your Guest List

Ah the dreaded guest list. Creating the guest list is by far one of the most stressful things you will do when planning your wedding. There are lots of feelings involved in deciding who will be there to witness one of life’s major milestones.  Once you get to this point follow these 5 tips.

1. Budget & Venue

When looking at your guest list first determine what is important to you and the groom. If your budget is non negotiable decide if you would prefer to have a more casual wedding in order to accommodate more guests. Think about  how many people your venue will hold.  If the church holds less than the reception site think about inviting a smaller amount to the wedding and a larger amount to the reception.  Once you factor in these variables you can decide how many people you can reasonably have on your list.

2. Bride/Groom Ratio

Decide if the guest list will be split 50/50 or 60/40 depending on large families or mutual friends. This will help you decide how many each family can invite and give you a solid number for your future mother-in-law or your own parents in order to keep the list reasonable. Don’t forget to factor in your numbers as well to save room for your important guests, it is after all your wedding!

3. Cut by Category

Put each guest in a categorize such as A, B or C . Those in category A are absolutely invited. Those in category B will more than likely be invited, category C are a maybe and so forth. You can be more granular if you want it’s all about helping you pin point who should and shouldn’t be on the list. Once you have your list created start by count out the A’s to make sure your wedding budget and venue can handle the amount of people who without a doubt need to be invited,  continue on down until you have to start make touch decisions. Some people who may not make the cut? Maybe you decide to cut out co-workers or young kids.  The choice is completely up to you and your family, your wedding venue and what your wedding can afford.

4.  Focus on the Present

Don’t feel obligated to invite people from the past that you no longer stay in touch with. Just because you were invited to their wedding 5 years ago does not mean your relationship is the same as it was 5 years ago. Focus on those who are part of your present life and know you as a couple. If your wedding budget and list permits start adding those people who played an important role in your past that you would like their not just feel obligated to invite.

5. Stick to Your List

Once you have some boundaries created make sure to stick to them. If non-couples guests can’t bring a date, or young children are not allowed, try not to make exceptions in order to keep from offending loved ones.  It makes it easier also when someone asks you can let them know the guidelines you and your fiance have created. It makes it easier when everyone sticks to the guidelines that everyone has agreed to.

This should be a first step to cutting down your guest list. Of course there will always be some tough decisions but just try to focus on what the day is really about. It’s about celebrating your love for one another with those you care the most about and support you the most.

Financial Infidelity: Infographic

We have all heard before that one of the biggest reasons couples fight is due to money. It’s important to discuss your money habits early in a relationship and DEFINETLY before you get married. Don’t try to hide your financial situation because it will only hurt your relationship in the end.  Below are statistics on how money can affect your relationship.

Color Scheme Inspirations: Blue

Looking for idea color combinations for your blue color scheme. Check out these fresh looks

Baby Blue & Pink

Blue Bridesmaid Dress #3

Light Blue & White

Blue Bridesmaid Dress #2

Dark Blue & Gold

Blue Bridesmaid Dress #1



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Old, New, Borrowed & Blue

I’m sure you have all heard the old English saying “Something old, Something new, Something borrowed and Something blue”. The original saying actually finishes with and ” sixpence is her shoe”.  This English tradition has carried on through the centuries but do you actually know how these good luck tokens come to be such a monumental tradition for the modern-day bride. Each item in the poem represents a good-luck token for the bride.  Below is the representation of each token along with ideas for incorporating your own Somethings.

Something Old

Meaning: Symbolizes the brides connection to her family and her past life as a single women.

Ideas for your something old:

  • Use a classic car for your wedding day transportation
  • Wear an heirloom piece of jewelry
  • Use your parents cake topper as your wedding cake topper
  • Wear a vintage hair piece or veil that has been handed down
  • Display old wedding photographs at the card table

Something New

Meaning: Represents the new life the bride will soon begin.

Ideas for your something new:

  • Your wedding dress can always be your something new
  • Buy a new piece of jewelry
  • Have a custom perfume designed
  • Buy a new shade of lipstick for the big day

Something Borrowed

Meaning: Used to remind the bride of her loving family and friends that will be their if she ever needs help.

Ideas for your something borrowed:

  • Borrow the veil from a friend’s wedding
  • Wear borrowed jewelery from a happily married friend or relative
  • Borrow a special prayer-book for the ceremony
  • Use the same knife to cut your cake as your parents did at their wedding
  • Borrow the wedding song from your parent’s wedding
  • Use the ring bearer or flower girl basket from a friend’s wedding

Something Blue

Meaning: Symbolizing faithfulness and loyalty.

Ideas for your something blue:

  • Wear a blue garter
  • Dive a blue car for your wedding day transportation
  • Wear blue lingerie
  • Carry a blue purse
  • Wear a blue piece of jewelry

A sixpence in your shoe

Meaning: A sixpence is placed in the brides shoe to attract wealth to her new marriage

Whether this tradition is something you will incorporate into your wedding or not it is still  fun to incorporate old traditions from your heritage or your families history. Consider talking to your parents about their wedding traditions and using those in your own wedding to add a special touch of family and history.

Color Scheme Inspirations: Coral

Looking for idea color combinations for your coral color scheme. Check out these fresh looks

Coral & Teal

Coral #1

Coral & White

Coral #2

Coral, Red & Tan

Coral #3



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Pose Like a Pro

 Nervous about posing for your wedding photos? Not everyone is a natural and even though your photographer should be able to help you out with suggested poses and placement it’s a good idea to have your own ideas in mind as well. You don’t want to look back and wish you would have gotten a specific photo.  So here are some tips from Martha Steward Wedding to put your mind at ease and feel a little more confident in your wedding day pictures.

Heather Nelson Photography

Tips for your portrait shots:

  • Take flattery photos by standing at a slight angle.  You can do this by tilting your body to the side a bit or by asking your photographer to stand on a chair to get an elevated angle.
  • Pick a photo buddy – this is someone who can be on the other end to crack jokes and make you laugh or just be there to calm your nerves. Pick someone who won’t be overly judgmental on photos or angles but is strictly there to keep you calm and looking natural in your photos.
  • Be natural – Most people are nervous about taking wedding photos, especially before the wedding so don’t worry. You’re not the first anxious bride.  If you need a smiling break ask for it. Your photographer can take more serious photos to give you a chance to relax. Or forgo posed photos with a photojournalistic approach by walking around or creating an activity to catch great photos instead of creating them.

Tips for your couple shots:

  • As stated above be natural, some of the best shots are caught candidly. So take a walk together, have a private moment with each other and ask the photographer to capture your time together without intruding.
  • Take a walk.  Walk down a path while you hold hands, take a stroll along the beach or walk down a sidewalk. The combination of movement between your hair, dress and hands will create great pictures.
  • Kiss. It is your wedding day! Don’t be afraid to be affectionate. This is one of the few times when PDA is acceptable.  The more comfortable you can feel the better your pictures will turn out.
  • Be creative. Scope out the location ahead of time for any specific areas you want to take photos. Perhaps there is a waterfall, large rock, or statue that would be a great spot. If you can’t find one at the location perhaps think of bringing something to add you’re your couple shots. Some couples have now started to incorporate signs, oversized balloons and large picture frames.

Tips for your wedding party:

  • Be active. Having jumping shots, or have the photographer take photos as you are getting prepared, or take a walk through the street.   Also interact with the flower girl and ring bearer to get them smiling.
  • Scope out the location. Just like with your couple shots have an area in mind. Perhaps have your photographer visit the location ahead of time to pic some key spots that would create a great backdrop for your group shots.
  • Use props. Think about having furniture or steps in your shots. The variety of heights will add depth to your shots. One thing to try is to organize your group at different distances, heights and lengths apart in order to create a more unique shot.
  • Make them laugh. Most guys are not exactly excited to be taking photos for hours. So try to joke around and keep it fun. Posing straight faced for too long will create obviously posed smiles and after a while sore jaws.

When you go to a stylist you have clippings of your hair-do, when you go shopping for your bridal gown you also bring clippings and ideas of what you are looking for. So why should your photographer be any different?  Go through magazines or scope out websites to bring your photographer snapshots of poses you like or to give them an idea of the type of photographs you have in mind. Communication is key so make sure to address concerns, ideas and come up with a plan before the big day.

Bridal Shower Attire

Not sure what to wear to your bridal shower? Let me help with a few suggestions.

For a casual shower.

Bridal Shower Outfit #3

For a garden party shower.

Bridal Shower Outfit #1

For a formal hotel shower.

Bridal Shower Outfit #2

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How to Pick a Ring That Fits His Personality

Every women looks through wedding magazines at some point, or looks at the jewelry counter at the diamond engagement rings and knows what type of ring is right for her.  We almost make it easy on the guys! Most of us drop hints or point out what we like but guys are not always that easy. Maybe a few of these rings are just the inspiration you needed to pin point what type of ring you will give to your future husband.

Contemporary-  This type of man wants to show off his personality and sense of style. Contemporary rings allow for couples to create their own piece of art that they can show off to the world every day. It is usually a bold statement and a bold representation of the couple.

Traditional – This is a no frills, non-materialistic man. He understand the significance and symbolism of a traditional ring and needs no enhancements. He wants to keep the ring simple so a traditional gold or white gold band will do. This type of man is introverted or does not require a lot of attention drawn to him.

Sporty – If your guy is someone who plays a lot of sports or does a lot of manual labor but holds strong to keeping his wedding ring on. Tungsten or Titanium is the chose for this guy. This is also a more popular chose right now as well so there are plenty of stores that carry them. For a sporty guy with style, try something that is a little edgy like this woven band.

Old Fashioned/Romantic – Consider an antique or vintage ring. If you and your guy are interested in flea markets, antique shops and love the history of jewelry with a back story consider this option. But keep in mind that vintage rings might be not only sometimes be costly but they can also be difficult to find but if you find the perfect one perhaps its meant to be!

Extrovert – For the man that likes to be noticed pick a metal that is in style. Some of the more popular choices right now are white gold, platinum and palladium. To add an extra touch pick a ring with a little bling. There are lots of options for adding diamonds to your band that still have a masculine twist. Not interested in bling? try adding a special unique touch by getting a two tone ring, a mix of white gold and yellow gold.

And ladies in case you are concerned it is no longer a faux pas to not have matching wedding rings. So pick whats right for you and stop worrying about matching. You will wear it every day for the rest of your life so make sure it fits your lifestyle and your personality.