The Cost of Being a Bridesmaid: Infographic

Not only in the wedding planning expensive being one of the supporting women can be as well. Make sure to show your appreciation for your bridesmaids and wedding party since they are also shelling out quite a bit to help you celebrate your big day. Check out the breakdown below to see how.

Color Scheme Inspirations: Yellow

Looking for idea color combinations for your yellow color scheme. Check out these fresh looks

Yellow & Black

Yellow Bridesmaid Dress #3

Yellow Bridesmaid Dress #3 by missmyrvold featuring high heel pumps


Cornsilk & Orchid



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What is your photography style?

Before you go for your search for the perfect photographer make sure you know what you are looking for. Its important to know what type of photos you want and the kind of photography you plan to have at your wedding. Each photographer has their strengths and their own personal style.  Make sure your style matches theirs. Don’t hesitate to communicate that before you decide on one. Not sure what style is right for you? Here are the basic styles of photography.

Traditional Photography

This type of photography is what you would normally have seen in your parents or grandparents wedding photos. It’s very formal and it’s also what most people are comfortable with.  In most situations the photographer will arrange and pose you for a majority of the photos.

Contemporary Photography

This is similar to a traditional approach but allows for a more informal and relaxed feel. Think walking down a bridge or lounging in a field.

Documentary Style

This type of photography is growing in popularity. It has a more hands off approach than more traditional photography and allows the photographer to simply document the day and focus more on candid shots than posed.  One great thing is that you never know what you will get. Its all about capturing the look, feel and emotion of the day. Keep in mind any particular formal shots you do want. If your mom is set on a family photo let the photographer know that will need to be arranged before the big day.

Artistic Style

This type of photography can be either hands on or hands off from the photographer depending on their style of work.  One thing to keep in mind is that you may get more artistic photos you may also lack the more formal traditional group shots of family and friends.

No matter what style is right for you knowing what you like can help you pick a photographer who has the experience and the talent to give you the photos you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Ultimate Floral Guide

Have a color scheme picked out but no clue on what flowers are available in your colors? Take a look at the floral guide to pick flowers that coordinate with your color scheme.

Your florist will be able to help pin point what flowers are in season and within your price range but coming with suggestions can help her make your dream bouquet a reality.

Color Scheme Inspirations: Red

Looking for idea color combinations for your red color scheme. Check out these fresh looks

Red & White

Red Bridesmaid Dress #3


Red, Crimson & Black

Red Bridesmaid Dress #2


Red & Dark Orange

Red Bridesmaid Dress #1

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The Rich and the Richer: Infographic

Every women should feel like a princess on her wedding day but how does the average wedding stack up to actual royalty. Take a look!

Wedding Dress Alternatives

Maybe you aren’t the traditional bride or prefer to have a more low-key wedding. Whatever the reason your wedding dress is an expression of you no matter what your budget.

Below is some low-budget wedding dress inspirations to get you thinking.

Back Yard Wedding Bride

Backyard Wedding Bride


Off-Beat Bride 

Offbeat Bride


Vintage Bride

Vintage Bride


Beach Bride

Beach Wedding

Color Scheme Inspirations: Purple

Looking for idea color combinations for your purple color scheme. Check out these fresh looks

Purple & Magenta

Purple #3

Lavendar, Purple & Cream

Purple #2

Purple & Deep Plum

Purple #1

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Wedding Dress Style Guide

Picking out your wedding dress is an unforgettable experience. For most women it’s one of the best shopping experiences you will ever have but it can quickly become a frustrating experience if you aren’t trying on the correct style for your body type. The Wedding Dress Style Guide should give you a head start on finding the perfect dress for your big day.

Download the PDF version of the Wedding Dress Style Guide.

The Perfect Proposal: Infographic

Every once in awhile a guy needs a little help. Here is a guide to help him plan the perfect proposal. Hint Hint 🙂