80’s Movie Themed Wedding Inspiration

I am an 80’s baby. That means I grew up watching 80’s movies with my sisters and fondly remember reenacting The Princess Bride, Dirty Dancing and Indiana Jones. So I know I can’t be alone out there in wanting to recreate my favorite 80’s movies into wedding themes.


Beetlejuice Themed Wedding


Princess Bride Wedding


Dirty Dancing Themed Wedding


Indiana Jones Themed Wedding


Ferris Bueller Wedding Theme


Footloose Themed Wedding


Top Gun wedding Theme


sixteen candles wedding theme

Batman Themed Wedding

If you love planning events like I do, then you will appreciate the details of a classy themed Batman wedding. If you and your bride/husband-to-be is a comic book fanatic and the idea of throwing a Batman themed wedding has you over the moon then here are some great ideas for having your own Batman themed wedding with class.

Location: One of the biggest ways to incorporate your theme is with location. Whether its a casual barn yard wedding or a trendy Manhattan black tie event, the location is the first glimpse into your wedding. Here are a few suggestions: An old brick mansion, a rooftop location overlooking the city or a dimly lite restaurant or hotel.


Color Scheme: Color scheme says a lot. Next to location it is the biggest signifier of the wedding theme. Whether you have bright and fun or romantic and soft, your color choices say it all. For a Batman theme I think you have a few options to choose from. Black & yellow, Black and gold or Black and tan. Here are an examples to help you envision the color palette. goldblackandwhite

There are a few ways you can emphasize your color scheme. The first is through the bridesmaid dresses. Keep in mind, no one says you have to have a traditional bridesmaid dress, no taffeta and chiffon necessary. So be creative!



Or maybe you want a more traditional approach with your bridesmaids and prefer to go all out with the groomsmen attire.

zsudmrpFlowers: Every wedding I have been to the flowers have been one of the main focus points. It doesn’t matter if you choose a bouquet of romantic peonies or a subtle bouquet of greenery. Its one of the elements of a wedding that people notice. Here is an opportunity to stand out and be original.  Try a unique or bright color combo. Incorporate feathers, sunflowers or anemone. Or go for a more traditional route, you can find roses, tulips and carnations in almost any color.



The Cake: You can always go the traditional route or continue your theme all the way through the desert.

Screen shot 2010-08-09 at 1.59.51 PM

The little things: The details for me are my favorite part. I love to include special little touches to events and parties. Here are a few ways you can make you theme special to your guest and wedding party.



The transportation: You can only justify a ride like this once in your life. Why not let it be your wedding day.


Wow them! These ideas will definitely leave a lasting impression on your guests.



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Presidential Themed Wedding

Again, I love themed parties. So here is inspiration for the President’s Day lovers out there. As I’ve said before you can have any kind of themed wedding in a classy way with a little bit of thought, planning and preparation. You don’t have to go overboard on the theme for people to get the connection. In fact DON’T go overboard. Themed weddings are fun and memorable but only if they fit the couples personalities. Don’t let the theme overpower the reason for the celebration. Enjoy the inspiration for a Presidential themed wedding.6a0134862a92a1970c017d3c8f8bee970c-320wi

First Step: Start with the color scheme. Clearly red ,white and blue is the right choice. But there are so many shades to choose from!


Choose the right location: Nothing is more presidential then a capital building. Most historical building will let you take your bridal party there for pictures. Make sure to call ahead!! Do this at least a couple months before the wedding so you can nail down your schedule.



Get creative with desert. Desert bars are the new trend. What is more all American then apple pie??




The easiest way to make a theme statement is with the bridesmaids.  Allow the bridesmaids to pick the dress and give them a color. Or mix and match colors.




Have fun! Let your true personalities show.



Accessorize. The little things are the special things that you add to the wedding.



Get creative!


red white fans





Bring your ideas to your florist and tell them your vision. You will be surprised what ideas they may have.



End with a bang. Sparklers are the new rice. Or go even further by having a special surprise for your guests – FIREWORKS!



Harry Potter Themed Wedding

In so many of my posts I talk about the importance of showing your personality in your wedding. People want to go to a wedding that really represents the couple and their relationship. So perhaps a themed wedding is for you… and maybe even…. a Harry Potter Themed wedding. Here is a classy take on this pop culture series.

harry-potter-ceremony harry-potter-details harrypotter-styled-17 harrypotter-styled-23 harrypotter-styled-25 harry-potter-tablescape harry-potter-themed-weddings1920655767-apr-5-2012-600x464 harry-potter-wedding-ideas harrypotterweddingshoot_AGP-39 harry-potter-wedding-sorting-hat-4 HPWedding15Images courtesy of greenweddingshoes.com,  Bridal guide.com,www.capitolromance.com &  www.chacha.com

Wacky Wedding

There are several reasons why a bride and groom might have a “wacky wedding. Maybe you have already been to a million cookie cutter weddings and want something different, maybe you want your wedding to be more casual and fun or maybe you are just not your average bride and groom. If any of these are the case here are some out of the box ideas for your wedding day.


Twighlight Themed Wedding

I will be the first to say that I LOVE themed parties. I love everything about them. They just add a fun twist to any event. So why not have a themed wedding. And I know what your thinking. Themed weddings are so tacky. WRONG! They is a classy way to execute any wedding idea. Here are a few ideas for a very classy version of a Twilight themed wedding.






IMG_9603 copymelissacreates.com



Fog Machinestartdancingtoday.blogspot.com

Halloween Themed Wedding!

Maybe you are looking for something unique, something the expresses who you are as a couple, maybe you just want your wedding to stand out and be fun. Why not have a Halloween themed wedding?? Here are some tasteful ways you can successfully have a Halloween themed wedding.

The first step is to embrace the theme … every step of the way.

Embrace the Darkness – Let it work for you. Use twinkle lights to emphasize the bare trees, light up pumpkins and lanterns.


Embrace the Color – Use the color pallet to pull your theme through. Greys, blacks, oranges and purples.


Embrace the cobwebs – This is a fantastic cheap way to have a Halloween themed wedding. Hand spiders from the webs or drape webs anywhere to instantly create the look and feel of Halloween.


Embrace the Sugar – Halloween is the biggest time of year for candy. So why not jump on board. Have a candy bar, caramel apples or Halloween shaped treats.


Embrace Pumpkins – Nothing says Halloween like pumpkins. Use them as table numbers, general decor or to accent other features to soften your Halloween look.


Additional Way to Embrace Your Theme –

  • Ask your guest to dress up! Nothing involves people more than asking them to contribute to the look and feel of your wedding by getting involved themselves.
  • Desserts – go for pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake or caramel apples
  • Wedding Favors- this is the easiest way to really drive your theme home. So be creative!
  • Have a mock trick-or-treat for kids. Have a pile of candy on each table and then can trick-or-treat around the reception.

Here are just some of the great ideas for having a Halloween themed wedding to remember. 🙂