Stress Stress Stress

Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting times in your life  …. it’s also one of the most stressful. But rest assured help is on the way! Every wedding has it’s own set of roadblocks and you know what they are. Divorced parents, difficult vendors, overly involved mother in laws…. so how do you not let these roadblocks affect your happy journey? Easy focus on you! (well you and your fiance )

Everyone will always have an opinion about your day but the great thing is, its YOUR day. Don’t let the big picture get lost. The most important thing about your wedding is celebrating the love that the two of you share. Below are some tips of combating wedding planning stress.

* Take a time out – Just because you are planning a wedding doesn’t mean you don’t still have a life outside of that. Take some time for yourself by reading a book, going out with friends or having a date night.

* Exercise – Every bride wants to look great for their wedding day but there are benefits to exercising besides fitting into your wedding dress. Exercise is a natural stress reliever and can be a great way to combat negative energy.

* Treat yourself – Go by yourself that chocolate snuffle you haven’t allowed yourself to eat, get the amazing shoes you  have been drooling over or get a facial. ( Just be sure to not get a new service less than a month before the wedding in case you have a reaction)

* Take a catnap – Indulge in a most deserved mid-afternoon nap.

* Spend some time with your hunny – After all you are getting married. You should never forget to take some time out to spend just the two of you. So go for a walk, go see a movie or the new exhibit that is out. Just focus on enjoying some time together.

But most importantly RELAX. In the end you won’t remember that the flowers were a shade slightly too pink, or that the salad didn’t have quite enough almonds but what you will remember is the wonderful love and support you had from your friends, family and future husband. So don’t take it too seriously and enjoy the ride!!!