Zoo Themed Wedding That Will Wow

I am a strong believer that you can take any theme and turn it into a classy wedding theme. It just takes time, passion and a little bit of creativity. If you have been reading my blog long you are well aware by now that I LOVE themed weddings. I love out the box fun wedding ideas. I also love animals. So I have combined two of my favorite things into one wonderfully amazing wedding theme.

Location – ALWAYS start with these three things when planning your wedding. Budget, Location and Date.  Your location. Your location will be the biggest impression of your theme try reserving your venue at an aquarium, zoo or conservatory. It will also make for memorable wedding photos.



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Color Palette –  You don’t have to go with an outrageous color palette in order to carry out your wedding theme. The details, location and flowers can say it all. So spare your wedding party from having  to buy a dress they really truly will never wear again. Here are a few subtle color schemes that will also vibe with your theme.




burnt orange



The Centerpieces- The centerpieces are actually my favorite part of a wedding. I find they are a wonderful way for the bride and groom to not only express their theme but also their personality. There are endless possibilities and very little rules to designing your centerpiece. The one rule I like to stick with is to either have a tall or short centerpiece. That way your guests can easily converse with one another at the table.







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The Flowers -When having a themed wedding flowers can be tricky. Try to focus more on the color and the arrangement. The rest will fall into place.



The Dress – I know I previously mentioned not going crazy incorporating your dress in with your wedding theme. But who says you can’t have a second, more eccentric dress for the reception.

monarchdress_closeFreeshipping-fashion-2012-KM-pefect-animal-print-dinner-party-ladies-casual-karen-dress-bridesmaids-dresses-pencilcoast carmelina--a

Gray and Pink Bridesmaids Dresses1 2 3 4 5 6

Accessories – I love the little touches. It allows you to express yourselves as individuals as well as a couple. Add a small touch of animal print with a shawl or some sassy zebra print shoes. This is also a great way to provide the wedding party with a way to incorporate their own touches into the wedding. Thinking about giving guidelines for shoes to the bridesmaids so you end up with a range of different animal patterns.

Suspender-collage-LR-CWCortelyou Scarritt Bennett - Zoo Wedding09los-angeles-zoo-wedding-photography-1



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The Details – There are so many ways to carry out your theme with details. Whether it be your escort cards, drink stirrer, decorations through the venue, favors and more. The world is full of ideas and opportunities to make it your own.



Wedding_Drink_Stirrers_Animal_Pocket_Full_Of_Dreams_Wedding_Ideas_Before_the_Big_Day_Wedding_Blog_0271 2 3 4 5 6

The Stationary – The invitation are the first impression of your wedding that your guest will get it also an opportunity to for them to get a sense of what’s ahead.  So you should have your theme in mind before you send out any invitations.  Try using matching typography and colors to pull the invitations into the wedding day through the programs, menu cards and escort cards.


The Cake –  Don’t forget about the cake! It the perfect opportunity to add colorful flowers and designs that carry your theme till the last bite. cake


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