Are your wedding Flowers In Season?

No matter what time of year you are getting married in, it’s important to know what flowers are in season. Some seasons can be trickier, but you don’t want to fall madly in love with a flower that will cost 10 times more than you are willing to pay. So know ahead of time what will be within your price range so you can set realistic expectations. Here is a guide to what will be in season for your wedding.

Seasonal FLowers

Whirlwind Wedding

December is referred to as engagement season. Maybe you were one of the lucky ones to have gotten engaged over the holiday. If so, congratulations! Going even further, maybe you are one of those brides that really wants to have a summer or “gulp” spring wedding and don’t want to wait another year. Well then this infographic is for you.


Registry Trends

Wedding season is just around the corner and if you are a lucky spring/summer bride you probably have wedding registry on the brain. Not sure how you stack up to other couples who are in the same boat. Take a look at these registry stats and get ideas on what to register for.


Wacky Wedding

There are several reasons why a bride and groom might have a “wacky wedding. Maybe you have already been to a million cookie cutter weddings and want something different, maybe you want your wedding to be more casual and fun or maybe you are just not your average bride and groom. If any of these are the case here are some out of the box ideas for your wedding day.


DIY Bridal Makeup Ideas

Maybe you are one of those hands on brides that like to control every aspect of your wedding. I get it, been there! Here are some tips for getting that wedding day look on your own. Not getting married? Try it out for your next holiday party!


Holiday Engagements

Happy inforgraph Friday! Every Friday I will be loading you up with a new wedding/party infographic.

Did you know that December is the most popular month to get engaged? Maybe you are hoping he might pop this question this Christmas.  Read on for more “engagement season” stats.


The Cost of Being a Bridesmaid: Infographic

Not only in the wedding planning expensive being one of the supporting women can be as well. Make sure to show your appreciation for your bridesmaids and wedding party since they are also shelling out quite a bit to help you celebrate your big day. Check out the breakdown below to see how.

The Rich and the Richer: Infographic

Every women should feel like a princess on her wedding day but how does the average wedding stack up to actual royalty. Take a look!

Let Them Eat Cake: Infographic

Who doesn’t love cake! Pretty much everyone, so make sure you have enough to feed your partying guests. Check out the guide below to get an idea of how many tiers you need to accommodate all your wedding guests.

Financial Infidelity: Infographic

We have all heard before that one of the biggest reasons couples fight is due to money. It’s important to discuss your money habits early in a relationship and DEFINETLY before you get married. Don’t try to hide your financial situation because it will only hurt your relationship in the end.  Below are statistics on how money can affect your relationship.