Wedding Alchohol Calculator

Calculating how much to serve at your reception can always be a tricky task. You don’t want to overpay and you don’t want to run out. Here is a useful graph to help you get started. Also, keep in mind the preferences of your guests. Have a lot of beer drinkers? Cut back on the hard liquor and supplement it with beer. If you know you have a heavy drinking family consider adding an extra case of wine. Do note that most locations will allow you to go over what you ordered but they may charge an additional fee.

wedding alcohol calculator - infographic guide to how much beer, wine and liquor to buy for small weddings.

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Drink Calculator

One of the biggest expenses at your wedding will be dining. This include hors d’oeuvre , dinner and drinks. Most caterers charge by the plate, so how do you determine the budget for drinks? Here is a quick guide to help you get started.

As a general rule most guests will consume two drinks during the first hour and one drink each following hour. When planning an event serving wine, beer and spirits, the general rule of thumb is that:

50% will prefer WINE
30% will prefer BEER
20% will prefer MIXED DRINKS

If you do not anticipate serving mixed drinks at your event, then you should plan on 60% of your guests consuming wine and 40% beer. Use this sheet to calculate how much you need. Or click the link below to auto generate.

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