Your Personal Serving Guide

With summer comes parties! And one of the biggest worries for a hostess is knowing how much food to have. There is nothing worse than running out of food. To help ease your anxiety here is a guide to help with your planning.

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80’s Movie Themed Wedding Inspiration

I am an 80’s baby. That means I grew up watching 80’s movies with my sisters and fondly remember reenacting The Princess Bride, Dirty Dancing and Indiana Jones. So I know I can’t be alone out there in wanting to recreate my favorite 80’s movies into wedding themes.


Beetlejuice Themed Wedding


Princess Bride Wedding


Dirty Dancing Themed Wedding


Indiana Jones Themed Wedding


Ferris Bueller Wedding Theme


Footloose Themed Wedding


Top Gun wedding Theme


sixteen candles wedding theme

10 Wedding Day Regrets

wedding day regrets

It’s the most wonderful day of your life. The last thing you want is to look back and have regrets. Here are the 10 most common regrets brides have on their wedding day.

1. Not hiring a videographer

When your standing in front of all your friend and family breathing it all in, it doesn’t matter how “in the moment” you plan to be. You just can’t capture every moment. You can’t see your father wipe away his tears as your husband glances at you lovingly which is why it’s important to have someone there to capture those moments so you can focus on enjoying the day. You may feel it’s just an extra expense now but you will be grateful in 20 years that you can watch those moments together again.

2. Not getting un-watermarked images as part of your photographers contract

I truly cannot believe that this is still a common practice for wedding photographers. What Bride doesn’t want to be able to put her wedding photos on Facebook, or create your own custom digital book without having to worry about watermarks? It’s your day! With all the fun and creative things you can do with digital photos now, so why limit your options?

3. Making guests wait to long to eat

With potentially hundreds of people celebrating with you, it’s important to keep their needs in mind as well as your own on your wedding day. Hungry people usually equals one of two things… crabby people… or drunken people. When your guests arrive at the receptions and there is no food for them to eat. The first thing they will do is head to the bar. This can get pretty expensive for you if you opted to have an open bar and it can also lead to a short night because guests have had too much to drink or are now tired from waiting to eat for too long.

4.  Not having the band play “your song”

Now days its becoming undesirable to have anything cliché at your wedding. But there are key elements of a wedding that your guests, parents and wedding party will expect you to do. Having a first dance with “your song” is one of them. If you want to spice it up pick a nontraditional first dance song or add your own flair to it. My father surprised me during our father/daughter dance by inviting all fathers to dance with their daughters. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

5. Not having an open bar

If you cant afford to have a full open bar opt for a specialty cocktail or a partial bar that offers only wine and beer.

Here is David Tutera’s professional opinion


6. Not booking a great hotel for our wedding night

After your wedding you will be exhausted. It’s the best day of your lives but it’s also the more exhausting. Renting a hotel room close to the reception will be something you won’t regret. Not only can you enjoy the night without worrying about how to get home but there is something refreshing about waking up in a room that is not your own. It’s like a fresh start, which is fitting for your new marriage. If you have kids or pets make sure to make arrangements for someone to take them for the night so you can fully enjoy your first night as husband and wife.

7. Not taking enough family photos

As frustrating as it can be to get everyone in for a family photo it will be worth it. How often do you have this combination of people all in the same place? So take advantage of this moment in time by capturing it with a photo.

8. Not having toned arms for your photos

Wedding dresses are made to be flattering in all body sizes but in most of them your arms and shoulders are completely exposed. You will see the most results for your wedding day if you focusing on toning your arms to get those great wedding day photos.

9. Not taking 10 minutes to soak it all in.

The day goes by in a blur. Its important to get away from the crowd and have a “moment” with one another where you really let the gravity of the day sink in. It’s a moment that however brief you will remember for a lifetime.

10. Not changing shoes

I’ll say it again. It’s a loooong day! Your feet will get tired. If you want to spend the night dancing like most brides do its important to pack a separate pair of shoes. If you went for a more conservative approach for the wedding here is your chance to add some color or flair. Just make sure your alternate shoes are comfortable or have a reasonable heel to last the whole night.

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What’s your Bridal Bouquet Style?

With all aspects of planning a wedding there can be an overwhelming number of options to choose from. Each choice reflects your personal style and the theme of your wedding.  Not sure what your bouquet style is? Here is a visual look at the most common options for your bridal bouquet to get you started. For additional insights into your bridal bouquet check out these posts: Ultimate Floral Guide , Your Bouquet Decoded, Unique Bouquet Ideas.
Bouquet Styles Infographic Long

Where should I go on my honeymoon?

With so many details to plan, and so many choices to make when planning a wedding, planning a honeymoon can seem like a stressful task. Worry not! Here are some tips to get your ideas flowing and add the fun back into planning your honeymoon.


Still not sure where you want to honeymoon? Here are the top 10 most popular places to honeymoon.


Wedding Alchohol Calculator

Calculating how much to serve at your reception can always be a tricky task. You don’t want to overpay and you don’t want to run out. Here is a useful graph to help you get started. Also, keep in mind the preferences of your guests. Have a lot of beer drinkers? Cut back on the hard liquor and supplement it with beer. If you know you have a heavy drinking family consider adding an extra case of wine. Do note that most locations will allow you to go over what you ordered but they may charge an additional fee.

wedding alcohol calculator - infographic guide to how much beer, wine and liquor to buy for small weddings.

Travel Ideas infographic from HomeAway

Are you at a Hipster Wedding?

Ahh…. the hipster wedding. I am all about weddings that express your personal style and relationship. So how can you identify if you are at a hipster wedding?  Here is a just for fun graph to tell you if you are in fact at a hipster wedding.



What Venue is Right for You?

After you decide on a budget, your next step is picking your wedding venue. With so many choices and options its important to consider what venue is right for you and your wedding vision. Here is a quiz to help you decide.
Venue Selection Flowchart

The cost of a Ballpark Proposal

Who doesn’t love a public proposal?  A time honored tradition of proposing at a ballgame with thousands of sappy eyed people saying “awww” as they watch you on the big screen. But how much will this priceless moment cost you?


Although some parks are cheaper then others you do get some pretty sweet accommodations …. not to mention a memorable moment. Look below to see what the ballpark near you offers.


Arizona Diamondbacks — Chase Field

$250: Message displayed on scoreboard (limit one per homestand). Includes commemorative DVD.

Atlanta Braves — Turner Field

$50: Message displayed on scoreboard.

Baltimore Orioles — Camden Yards

Proposals not offered.

Boston Red Sox — Fenway Park

$250: Message displayed on scoreboard. $350: In addition to scoreboard message, couple is featured live on video board and greeted by Wally, the team’s mascot.

Chicago Cubs — Wrigley Field

$175: Message displayed on scoreboard (limit one per game). Includes commemorative print and digital copy of the proposal.

Chicago White Sox — U.S. Cellular Field

$55: Message displayed on scoreboard.

Cincinnati Reds — Great American Ball Park

$50: Message displayed on scoreboard or printed on a sign delivered by Rosie Red, the team’s mascot.

Cleveland Indians — Progressive Field

$400: On-field proposal at one of the season’s 15 post-game fireworks nights. (In-game proposals not offered.) Call (216) 420-HITS.

Colorado Rockies — Coors Field

$50: Message displayed on scoreboard. Call (303) ROCKIES.

Detroit Tigers — Comerica Park

$50: Paws, the team’s mascot, conducts a “trivia contest” at the couple’s seats that ends in a surprise proposal. Includes baseball decorated with message and date. $75: Message displayed on scoreboard.

Houston Astros — Minute Maid Park

$500: Proposal featured live on video board (limit one per series, proposals not offered in consecutive games). Includes two tickets and commemorative DVD. Call (713) 259-8332.

Kansas City Royals — Kauffman Stadium

Proposals not offered.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim — Angel Stadium

Proposals not offered.

Los Angeles Dodgers — Dodger Stadium

$75: Message displayed on scoreboard. $2,500: Proposal featured live on video board (limit one per month).

Miami Marlins — Marlins Park

$250: Message displayed on scoreboard and couple featured live on video. $500: In addition to message and video, package includes a PA announcement and a dozen roses delivered by Billy the Marlin, the team’s mascot. Call (305) 480-1300.

Milwaukee Brewers — Miller Park

$100: Single-line message (up to 35 characters) displayed among others on scoreboard. $250: Full scoreboard message (up to 75 characters). Call (414) 902-4501.

Minnesota Twins — Target Field

$209: Proposal featured live on video board (limit one per game). Call (612) 659-3502.

New York Mets — Citi Field

Proposals not offered.

New York Yankees — Yankee Stadium

$100: Message displayed on scoreboard (limit 10 per game).

Oakland Athletics — Coliseum

$85: Message displayed on scoreboard.

Philadelphia Phillies — Citizens Bank Park

$450: Proposal featured live on video board. Includes four tickets, champagne toast, and commemorative DVD. Call (215) 463-1000.

Pittsburgh Pirates — PNC Park

$38.50: Message displayed on scoreboard.

San Diego Padres — Petco Park

$55: Message displayed on scoreboard (up to 50 per game).

San Francisco Giants — AT&T Park

$145: Message displayed on scoreboard (weekday games). $175: Message displayed on scoreboard (weekend and premium games).

Seattle Mariners — Safeco Field

$115: Message displayed on scoreboard.

St. Louis Cardinals —Busch Stadium

$250: Private tour for a group of up to 20 that ends with a surprise proposal on the field. $500: In addition to private tour, message displayed on scoreboard. Proposals only offered on non-game days. Call (314) 345-9630.

Tampa Bay Rays — Tropicana Field

$500: Proposal featured live on video board (limit one per game). Includes a dozen roses and commemorative DVD.

Texas Rangers — Globe Life Park in Arlington

$200: Message printed on sign delivered by Ranger’s Captain, the team’s mascot, along with a bouquet of flowers and a certificate featuring the date and the couple’s names. Includes digital photos of the proposal. Call (972) RANGERS.

Toronto Blue Jays — Rogers Centre

Proposals not offered.

Washington Nationals — Nationals Park

$500: Message displayed on scoreboard (limit one per game). $1,500: Proposal featured live on video board (limit two per season). E-mail


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Color Inspiration: Subtle Theme

I love themed weddings. If you read this blog on a regular basis you have probably caught a few ideas for unique themes like a Batman Themed Wedding, Presidential Themed Wedding, Harry Potter Themed Wedding, Halloween Themed Wedding and Twilight Themed Wedding But maybe those extremes are not for you. If you are looking for a more subtle theme to include on your wedding day her are some classic ideas to get you started.



winter  natical


country chic


beachwedding beach