15 Wedding Bloopers to Make you Giggle

The silly flaws in your wedding day will be the things you remember 30 years from now. They add character to the day and make it your own. Let’s just hope none of these happen…. and if they do just remember you will be laughing about it in 30 years.

1. Aggressive swan meets Bride


wedding swan

2. Getting that perfect wedding shot.



3. With this ring….. oops


there goes the ring

4. Please stand for the Bride.


5. Feeling faint.


6. Hold on to your pants.


7. Just be glad it came out white.


8. Bride and Groom sitting in a tree…. KISSI… woops


9. Down with the ship.

lake dunk

10. The graceful entrance harsh entrance

11. Here comes the Bride.fall down

12. Do you have the rings?everyone down

13. Every party has them.

drunken guest

14. Oh Uncle Herman!



15. She’s next!bouwuettoss


Infographic: Real Brides Wedding Regrets

When you announce your engagement be prepared for all the advice and “I wish I would have” ‘s from all your relatives and friends. Its a time honored tradition for those close to you to want to learn from their mistakes. So here is an outside perspective from Huffington Post on what recent brides would have done differently.




A Very Frozen Themed Wedding

Like everyone else in the entire world, I too fell in love with the movie Frozen. Since winter can be difficult to time to incorporate a fun theme theme I was inspired to create a Frozen themed wedding.

Ceremony – The easiest way to cut your budget but still wow your guests is to pick the correct venue for your theme. Pick a location that can help carry your theme. Or have your wedding outside, nothing more beautiful then fresh snow. But be sure to keep your guests comfort in mind as well by providing outdoor heaters and warning them to bring warm attire.




1 2 3

Reception Decor – Don’t try to fit the season.  Use it to your advantage. Have an “Ice Bar” for your guest to enjoy the outdoors along with adding to your frozen theme.  Include decorative ice sculptures, white chandeliers and blue, purple and teal hues to portray a cool atmosphere.

wedding ice bar by ice culture for winter wedding in Muskoka








1 2 3 4 5

Shoes – Colored wedding shoes are all the rage right now.  Go will a cool icy color to give the appearance of ice slippers.


1 2

Flowers – White and blue flowers are a clear choice but they can also limit your color palette and variety.  Add some bright purples, fuchsia and deep blues to the mix to add to your wintery look with a little more color from Frozen.






1 2 3 4

Invitation-  If you are planning a themed wedding its important to incorporate your theme in your invitations. It will be your guests first glimpse into what to expect on your wedding day. So give them a sneak peek into your Frozen themed weddings with a subtle wintery invitation.  Or go full blast with Elsa and Ana included!




1 2 3

With this Ring… – If you want to not only carry out the frozen theme through your wedding but into your lives together as husband and wife. Consider one of these Disney inspired wedding rings brought to you by www.gemvara.com



Centerpieces –  Of all the wedding details the centerpieces are my favorite. They open so many possibilities and allow your creativity to really explode. Its also a great way to stand out.  Can’t decide on one look? Switch it up and have alternating arrangements throughout the ball room.  Just make sure the arrangements don’t clash with one another.





1 2 3 4 5

Cake – An all white cake is a classic. With this Frozen theme it fits right in. Want to really surprise your guests? Splurge for a cake made of ice…. with cupcake deserts to sooth your guests sweet tooth.





Drinks and Specialties – As more couples are wanting their wedding to really stand out its becoming more common to include specialty items for your guest. Such as a snow cone machine, decadent sorbet or specialty cocktails.



1 2

Dresses – There are no rules anymore. A bride doesn’t have to wear white, bridesmaids can wear white and matching isn’t required.


1 2 3 4 5

Photos – Don’t forget to take advantage of the natural additions to your theme, especially if you are getting married in the heart of winter.




Want more ideas? Try this Pinterest board for inspiration.

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Who Sits at the Head Table?

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Top 15 Color Palettes for 2015

2015 is right around the corner and before you know it your wedding day will be here! If you haven’t already picked your wedding colors no worries here are 15 unique wedding color combo’s that are sure to wow your guest.

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Oktoberfest Wedding

Oktoberfest is right around the corner, its a time of fun local festivals celebrating this yearly tradition. So why not indulge in a Oktoberfest themed wedding?? Full of light fun, family, friends and of course beer.


Color Inspirations: Fall

Fall is a wonderful time of year for a wedding. The cooler air is provides a break from the hot and sticky august weather. Many brides think that their color palette is limited with a fall wedding. Most commonly brown, orange, and green. But why not spice up these common pallets with a few inspirations from below.

woodland whitepumpkin plumandorange plumandgrey orangeandgrey chartruse burnt orange berryoliveandplum

Champagne Cocktails

Who doesn’t love a champagne cocktail?  Whether it be for a wedding, bridal shower, brunch with the girls or a night on the town. Here are some ideas to get you started.

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