Color Scheme Inspirations: Coral

Looking for idea color combinations for your coral color scheme. Check out these fresh looks

Coral & Teal

Coral #1

Coral & White

Coral #2

Coral, Red & Tan

Coral #3



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Bridal Shower Attire

Not sure what to wear to your bridal shower? Let me help with a few suggestions.

For a casual shower.

Bridal Shower Outfit #3

For a garden party shower.

Bridal Shower Outfit #1

For a formal hotel shower.

Bridal Shower Outfit #2

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Stylish Superhero Costumes

Not sure what to wear to your kids/kids friends superhero themed party? Or maybe you want to throw a adult superhero party on your own.  Here are some creative ways to be a superhero with style!


Captain America

Click on the image to get more ideas and get more superhero costume ideas.

Dressing For Your “Last Night On The Town”

Your bachelorette party is supposed to be your “last night out on the town”. It’s all about having fun with your favorite girls, so don’t let finding something to wear drag you down. Take a look at these inspiration to help you get ready for your night out to remember.

Bachelorette Party Outfit #1

Local bar and pub.

Bachlorette Party Outfit #2

For a themed party!

Bachlorette Party Outfit #3

Dressing the Mother of the Bride

When the big day is coming closer you focus on the bride’s dress, the bridesmaid dresses and the MOH’s dress but don’t forget about your MOB, Mother of the Bride. Unlike the rest of the bridal party the MOB doesn’t have a clear set of guidelines as to what to wear. So make it easier on her with these MOB wedding inspirations.

Mother of the Bride #1
Mother of the Bride #2
Mother of the Bride #3

Honeymoon Wardrobe Inspirations

Looking for some inspiration for your honeymoon wardrobe. Check out the suggestions below:

Honeymoon #3
Honeymoon Outfit #2
Honeymoon Outfit #1

Rehearsal Dinner Dress Success

Like it is for most women one of the most stressful events of your day can be picking out what to wear. You search through your closet and although you know there are tons of options none of them seem to look right. So what should you keep in mind when picking out your rehearsal dinner outfit?

  • The Event- The type of rehearsal dinner you are having can drastically affect what you wear. Backyard BBQ? Dress in comfortable jeans or a sundress. Hotel restaurant? Wear a black elegant dress. Just don’t show up to a back yard rehearsal in stilettos.  
  • The Future You- Yes leggings are making a comeback but haven’t we learned from that. Being trendy always has the inevitable embarrassment to the future you. Don’t forget that these photos you will look back on for the rest of your life. So perhaps this event you should stick to a classic look, trust me future you will thank you.
  • Comfort- Everyone wants to look great but we all know that if you walk out in something you are clearly uncomfortable in everyone can see it on your face. So maybe save the uncomfortable lace shoes for another day.
  • Accessories – If you are having problems picking out the perfect outfit try wearing something simple and accessorize it with your favorite jewelry. Nothing says confident women like a classic dress and drop dead gorgeous accessories.

To help you out here are a few outfit examples.

For a Garden Party Reheasal

Rehearsal Dinner Outfit #2

For a Hotel Restaurant Reheasal

Rehearsal Dinner Outfit #1
For a Fun Flirty Reheasal
Rehearsal Dinner #3

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