Cakes, Cakes and More Cakes

Every detail of your wedding should be an expression of who you are as individuals as well as a couple. So why should your cake be an exception? Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

White Cakes

Whimsical Cakes

Themed Cakes

Romantic Cakes

Don’t get too caught up on choices. It suppose to be fun! Remember that in the end as long as the two of you are married, the job is done ūüôā


Old, New, Borrowed & Blue

I’m sure you have all heard the old English saying “Something old, Something new, Something borrowed and Something blue”. The original saying actually¬†finishes with and ”¬†sixpence is her shoe”.¬† This English¬†tradition has carried on through the centuries but do you actually know¬†how these good luck tokens come to be such a monumental tradition for the modern-day bride. Each item in the poem represents a good-luck token for the bride.¬† Below is the representation of each token along with ideas for incorporating your own Somethings.

Something Old

Meaning: Symbolizes the brides connection to her family and her past life as a single women.

Ideas for your something old:

  • Use a classic car for your wedding day transportation
  • Wear an heirloom piece of jewelry
  • Use your parents cake topper as your wedding cake topper
  • Wear a vintage hair piece or veil that has been handed down
  • Display old wedding photographs at the card table

Something New

Meaning: Represents the new life the bride will soon begin.

Ideas for your something new:

  • Your wedding dress can always be your something new
  • Buy a new piece of jewelry
  • Have a custom perfume designed
  • Buy a new shade of lipstick for the big day

Something Borrowed

Meaning: Used to remind the bride of her loving family and friends that will be their if she ever needs help.

Ideas for your something borrowed:

  • Borrow the veil from a friend’s wedding
  • Wear borrowed jewelery from a happily married friend or relative
  • Borrow a special prayer-book for the ceremony
  • Use the same knife to cut your cake as your parents did at their wedding
  • Borrow the wedding song from your parent’s wedding
  • Use the ring bearer or flower girl basket from a friend’s wedding

Something Blue

Meaning: Symbolizing faithfulness and loyalty.

Ideas for your something blue:

  • Wear a blue garter
  • Dive a blue car for your wedding day transportation
  • Wear blue lingerie
  • Carry a blue purse
  • Wear a blue piece of jewelry

A sixpence in your shoe

Meaning: A sixpence is placed in the brides shoe to attract wealth to her new marriage

Whether this tradition is something you will incorporate into your wedding or not it is still  fun to incorporate old traditions from your heritage or your families history. Consider talking to your parents about their wedding traditions and using those in your own wedding to add a special touch of family and history.

How to Pick a Ring That Fits His Personality

Every women looks through wedding magazines at some point, or looks at the jewelry counter at the diamond engagement rings and knows what type of ring is right for her.  We almost make it easy on the guys! Most of us drop hints or point out what we like but guys are not always that easy. Maybe a few of these rings are just the inspiration you needed to pin point what type of ring you will give to your future husband.

Contemporary-  This type of man wants to show off his personality and sense of style. Contemporary rings allow for couples to create their own piece of art that they can show off to the world every day. It is usually a bold statement and a bold representation of the couple.

Traditional – This is a no frills, non-materialistic man. He understand the significance and symbolism of a traditional ring and needs no enhancements. He wants to keep the ring simple so a traditional gold or white gold band will do. This type of man is introverted or does not require a lot of attention drawn to him.

Sporty – If your guy is someone who plays a lot of sports or does a lot of manual labor but holds strong to keeping his wedding ring on. Tungsten or Titanium is the chose for this guy. This is also a more popular chose right now as well so there are plenty of stores that carry them. For a sporty guy with style, try something that is a little edgy like this woven band.

Old Fashioned/Romantic – Consider an antique or vintage ring. If you and your guy are interested in flea markets, antique shops and love the history of jewelry with a back story consider this option. But keep in mind that vintage rings might be not only sometimes be costly but they can also be difficult to find but if you find the perfect one perhaps its meant to be!

Extrovert – For the man that likes to be noticed pick a metal that is in style. Some of the more popular choices right now are white gold, platinum and palladium. To add an extra touch pick a ring with a little bling. There are lots of options for adding diamonds to your band that still have a masculine twist. Not interested in bling? try adding a special unique touch by getting a two tone ring, a mix of white gold and yellow gold.

And ladies in case you are concerned it is no longer a faux pas to not have matching wedding rings. So pick whats right for you and stop worrying about matching. You will wear it every day for the rest of your life so make sure it fits your lifestyle and your personality.

Wedding Inspiration from Your Favorite Disney Movie

We all have our favorite Disney movie, my personal favorite is Aladdin. Maybe you are also a Disney fanatic and wish there was a classy way to add touches of your favorite Disney movie to your own wedding. Well there is! Below is a list of great ways to incorporate your favorite Disney movie into your dream wedding.

Steal the color theme:

Beauty & The Beast : Red & Gold
Snow White: Yellow & Blue
Tangled: Teal & Pink
Cinderella: Light Blue & Silver
Sleeping Beauty: Pink & Blue
Little Mermaid: Green & Purple
Pocahontas: Brown & Blue/Teal
The Princess and the Frog: Green & Yellow
Alice in Wonderland : Blue, White & Black


Beauty & The Beast :

  • ¬†Melt candle wax into teacups or flowers in teacups to add a special touch of chip and Mrs. Pots
  • Decorate with books. Use books to hold up food trays or to lay across a table as an accent piece.
  • Decorate with red roses!!

Snow White:

  • Use red apples as your main centerpiece.
  • Use antique mirrors as decorations.
  • Whimsical ice sculpture

Cinderella :

  • Drive up in a Cinderella carriage
  • Decorate with glass slippers
  • Have a castle cake or cake topper
  • White pumpkin centerpieces


  • Incorporate Indian lanterns
  • Add exotic animals
  • Have belly dancers

Your First Dance:

  • Lion King – “Can you Feel the Love Tonight”
  • Aladdin – ” I Can Show You the World”
  • Lady & the Tramp – “Bella Notte”
  • Sleeping Beauty – “Once Upon a Dream”

Your Dress & Accessories:

  1. Ariel
  2. Jasmine
  3. Sleeping Beauty
  4. Tiana
  5. Cinderella
  6. Rapunzel
  7. Belle
  8. Snow White

You can also view their video Alfredo Angelo Disney Gowns

  • Wear “glass” shoes
  • Wear a Tiara


  • Nothing says Disney wedding more than getting married at Disney World.¬† Disney will help make your dream princess wedding a reality.¬† Visit the Disney Wedding Website to find out more!
  • If you are having an “Under the Sea” themes wedding consider seeing if your local zoo or aquarium does weddings. Many places now allow you to reserve a room to dine with the dolphins.
  • Perhaps have your honeymoon be included in your wedding themes. Go to Africa ( The Lion King) or India ( Aladdin).

The possibilities are endless.  You can include as little or as much into your wedding theme. The important thing is that your wedding is a representation of your love for each other.

Unique Bouquets Worth Considering

Spiky blue thistle poke their heads through a bountiful bed of white roses and gardenias.

Taking a simple flower like a white rose and adding a unique accent can completely change the look and feel of your wedding from traditional to trendy. Adding a strong shade or hue gives it that extra flare.

Succulents and dahlias ,blue hen and chick flower. What makes this bouquet so amazing is not only the variety of colors but also textures. By adding a separate texture to your bouquet you are adding a layer of mystery and fun to your wedding day. The use of succulents and greenery can be a unique idea and also a cheaper one!

Pristine snowberries! There are two things about this unique bouquet that make is so beautiful. The use of one singular floral type is a classic look for a bouquet, consider using one that varies in color. You may have only one type of stem but by having one that varies in color you get extra added color without loosing the simplicity. The second great thing about this bouquet is the use of an unusual stem. Berries are not a normal wedding bouquet favorite but they are just as beautiful. Think creatively about what single flower or plant can add a wonderful touch to your wedding!

Seashells the flowers of the ocean. You don’t just have to stick to seashells either. One of the up-and-coming trends in bridal bouquets is the use of items within your floral arrangement. You can add pins, jewelry, shells, fans, the possibilities are endless and as you can see the results can be stunning!

This bouquet has a variety of textures and colors, thanks to the mix of muscari (grape hyacinth), lamb’s ear, lily-of-the-valley, andromeda, helleborus, thyme, rosemary, sage, and scented-geranium foliage. What is great about this type of bouquet is that not only is it beautiful and unique it can also be a cost saving alternative. If you are getting married in the winter or fall some flowers can be hard to find and make your day more expensive. By sticking with herbs and greenery you can save some money and have a fresh bouquet.

No matter what your bouquet chose is, its all about making the day a great representation of your love for one another.  So whether you chose a more traditional route or choose to have a jeweled bouquet, if its a representation of you as a couple it will be perfect!

Your Bouquet Decoded

Ever thought about what the flowers in your bouquet represent?  Below are a variety of bouquets decoded.

lily-of-the-valley – Happiness and Purity of the Heart

Muscari – Mystery, Calm and Creativity

Daffodils – Represents Respect

Hymenocallis РSignifies  Beauty

Ranunculus – Dazed by your Charm

Narcissus- Symbolizes Rebirth and New Beginnings

Columbine – Folly

White Ranunculus – Innocents, Radiant Charm

Pink Ranuculus – Happiness and Grace, Radiant Charm

Plum Tulips – Declaration of Love

Violets – Modesty, Virtue and Affection

Pansies -Merriment

Muscari – Mystery, Calm and Creativity

In case you a superstitious and don’t want any bad omens at your wedding here are some potential flowers that might cast an unfavorable meaning in your bridal bouquet:

  • Larkspur – Infidelity
  • Foxglove- Insincerity
  • Marigold – Grief
  • Lavender – Distrust
  • Yellow Rose- Jealousy
  • rhododendron – Danger

To decode your bouquet or to look for inspirations check out the Teleflora website to find out the meanings of a range of diffrent flowers from the simple to exotic.