90’s Movie Themed Wedding Inspirations

Who doesn’t love movies from the 90’s? So why not make your favorite 90’s classics your wedding theme? Here are a few ideas to help you channel the 90’s!


Pretty Women Themed Wedding


When Harry Met Sally Themed Wedding


Forrest Gump Themed Wedding


Matrix Themed Wedding


Romeo & Juliet Themed Wedding


Clueless Themed Wedding


Titanic Themed Wedding


Bed of Roses Wedding Theme


80’s Movie Themed Wedding Inspiration

I am an 80’s baby. That means I grew up watching 80’s movies with my sisters and fondly remember reenacting The Princess Bride, Dirty Dancing and Indiana Jones. So I know I can’t be alone out there in wanting to recreate my favorite 80’s movies into wedding themes.


Beetlejuice Themed Wedding


Princess Bride Wedding


Dirty Dancing Themed Wedding


Indiana Jones Themed Wedding


Ferris Bueller Wedding Theme


Footloose Themed Wedding


Top Gun wedding Theme


sixteen candles wedding theme

Color Inspirations: With A BANG!

If you are someone in your late twenties or early thirties my guess is you have been to your fair share of weddings. Now it’s your turn! Why not have a wedding color combo that will blow their socks off.

tealandcopperredwhiteandblack tealandpurple redandteal colbaltandwhite goldblackandwhite pinkandnavy

Radiant Orchid- 2014 Color of the year

I am super excited to announce this years Pantone color of the year Radiant Orchid, mostly because for the first time in my life I was actually trendy. Orchid was in fact one of the colors of my wedding, so I of course had to slip in some of my own photos for this post. Here are some ways that you can incorporate Radiant Orchid into your wedding.
orchid color of the year

Through attire….


Through print…




Through food….

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Through accents….    20d2c83523ed8a33bf0775b07f03032c





Through flowers….  

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dc3e9713bb08e168d2b5d43c14080937   1174966_10100327656999999_1581349614_n

Photo source 1 2 & MrsGleaosn.com

Wacky Wedding

There are several reasons why a bride and groom might have a “wacky wedding. Maybe you have already been to a million cookie cutter weddings and want something different, maybe you want your wedding to be more casual and fun or maybe you are just not your average bride and groom. If any of these are the case here are some out of the box ideas for your wedding day.


Twighlight Themed Wedding

I will be the first to say that I LOVE themed parties. I love everything about them. They just add a fun twist to any event. So why not have a themed wedding. And I know what your thinking. Themed weddings are so tacky. WRONG! They is a classy way to execute any wedding idea. Here are a few ideas for a very classy version of a Twilight themed wedding.






IMG_9603 copymelissacreates.com



Fog Machinestartdancingtoday.blogspot.com

How to Add a Touch of Sparkle to Your Wedding

Who doesn’t like a little sparkle at a wedding. It’s your time to shine. So if you are interested in having a little sparkle at your wedding but don’t want it to be over the top, here are a few suggestions for incorporating elegant and small elements to your wedding day.

Let your flower girl shine. What little girl wouldn’t love to walk down the aisle in a sparkly dress just for her.


Picture from boards.weddingbee.com

Bridesmaid dresses. Start up a little envy from the crowd with these amazing bridesmaid dresses that stand out.

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 12_23_36 PM

Picture from greenvillabarn.blogspot.com

Decoration. Add some twinkle to your venue with simple strands of lights. You can add as many or a few as you like.

Surprise your guests with a farewell show of fireworks. It will be a treat for all ages.

Fireworks for wedding

Picture from disneyweddingsblog.com

The brides shoes are becoming one of the many ways for her to show who she is. From sneakers to fur you can use your shoes to add a little extra to your wedding day attire.

Accessories. From your necklace, bracelet, hair pieces and rings add some bling by accessorizing your look.


Picture from itsabrideslife.com

Your Bouquet. Have your entire bouquet be made out of brooches and pins or simple add a few elements to your floral arrangement. The possibilities are endless.

Broach wedding bouquet

Picture from anorthwoodswedding.com

Your nails. Get creative. You don’t have to do the usual french manicure. Why not spice it up by adding glitter to your do. Or go with a glittered french manicure. A spin on tradition.

Sparkly wedding nail designs

Picture from blog.theknot.com

Add a chandelier or hanging candles especially in a barn or outdoor wedding. Its a great way to add a little touch of elegance to a rustic wedding.

Rustic chic wedding

Picture from missrubyboutique.blogspot.com

Whatever you do remember its your wedding! So have fun, be creative, and express yourself.

Halloween Themed Wedding!

Maybe you are looking for something unique, something the expresses who you are as a couple, maybe you just want your wedding to stand out and be fun. Why not have a Halloween themed wedding?? Here are some tasteful ways you can successfully have a Halloween themed wedding.

The first step is to embrace the theme … every step of the way.

Embrace the Darkness – Let it work for you. Use twinkle lights to emphasize the bare trees, light up pumpkins and lanterns.


Embrace the Color – Use the color pallet to pull your theme through. Greys, blacks, oranges and purples.


Embrace the cobwebs – This is a fantastic cheap way to have a Halloween themed wedding. Hand spiders from the webs or drape webs anywhere to instantly create the look and feel of Halloween.


Embrace the Sugar – Halloween is the biggest time of year for candy. So why not jump on board. Have a candy bar, caramel apples or Halloween shaped treats.


Embrace Pumpkins – Nothing says Halloween like pumpkins. Use them as table numbers, general decor or to accent other features to soften your Halloween look.


Additional Way to Embrace Your Theme –

  • Ask your guest to dress up! Nothing involves people more than asking them to contribute to the look and feel of your wedding by getting involved themselves.
  • Desserts – go for pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake or caramel apples
  • Wedding Favors- this is the easiest way to really drive your theme home. So be creative!
  • Have a mock trick-or-treat for kids. Have a pile of candy on each table and then can trick-or-treat around the reception.

Here are just some of the great ideas for having a Halloween themed wedding to remember. 🙂

Bridesmaid Jewelry

Not sure what to get your bridesmaids for their gift? jewelry is a great gift and can serve a double purpose of also supplying your maids with jewelry for the big day.  Want some inspiration. Check out my Classic.Simple.Elegant Etsy shop. With lots of colors to choose from!

For additional colors, sizes and designs visit my Etsy Shop!

Your Wedding Font

It’s amazing how much a font selection can tell about a person or a couple. Making a simple change like the font on your invitations can transform them from generic to personal. Carrying your font out through invitations, programs, table numbers, escort cards and more can carry your theme and your personality through the entire wedding experience. Not sure which font to choose. Here are a few free fonts to give you some ideas.

1. playdate | 2. simply glamorous | 3. before the rain | 4. roskrift clean | 5. freehand 591 | 6. leytonstone regular | 7. silver script | 8. atlast Greeting | 9. shelly script | 10. baronesse | 11. baker script | 12. daniel script | 13. baby font | 14. hurried font | 15. alako | 16. mr. wade | 17. aka frivolity | 18. milk & cereal | 19. callie hand | 20. celine dion handwriting