Top 15 Color Palettes for 2015

2015 is right around the corner and before you know it your wedding day will be here! If you haven’t already picked your wedding colors no worries here are 15 unique wedding color combo’s that are sure to wow your guest.

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Color Inspirations: Fall

Fall is a wonderful time of year for a wedding. The cooler air is provides a break from the hot and sticky august weather. Many brides think that their color palette is limited with a fall wedding. Most commonly brown, orange, and green. But why not spice up these common pallets with a few inspirations from below.

woodland whitepumpkin plumandorange plumandgrey orangeandgrey chartruse burnt orange berryoliveandplum

Color Inspiration: Subtle Theme

I love themed weddings. If you read this blog on a regular basis you have probably caught a few ideas for unique themes like a Batman Themed Wedding, Presidential Themed Wedding, Harry Potter Themed Wedding, Halloween Themed Wedding and Twilight Themed Wedding But maybe those extremes are not for you. If you are looking for a more subtle theme to include on your wedding day her are some classic ideas to get you started.



winter  natical


country chic


beachwedding beach


Color Inspirations: With A BANG!

If you are someone in your late twenties or early thirties my guess is you have been to your fair share of weddings. Now it’s your turn! Why not have a wedding color combo that will blow their socks off.

tealandcopperredwhiteandblack tealandpurple redandteal colbaltandwhite goldblackandwhite pinkandnavy

Radiant Orchid- 2014 Color of the year

I am super excited to announce this years Pantone color of the year Radiant Orchid, mostly because for the first time in my life I was actually trendy. Orchid was in fact one of the colors of my wedding, so I of course had to slip in some of my own photos for this post. Here are some ways that you can incorporate Radiant Orchid into your wedding.
orchid color of the year

Through attire….


Through print…




Through food….

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Through accents….    20d2c83523ed8a33bf0775b07f03032c





Through flowers….  

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Photo source 1 2 &

Color Inspiration: Valentine’s Day

Head over heels for Valentines day? Here are my favorite color combo’s for a sweetheart themed wedding

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2014 Wedding Trends

With the new year comes many new brides! Your wedding should be an expression of your love for one another and should showcase who you are as individuals and as a couple. For some brides this means staying on top of the newest trends. To help guide you here are some of the top trends for 2014.

Color Inspirations : All that Shimmers

In honor of you New Years brides out there. Here are some of my favorite color combo’s that add a little sparkle. It shows that you can add some sparkle to any type of wedding.

purpleandgold tealandcopper pinkgold pinkandsilver goldblackandwhite goldandwhite

Images courtesy of

Emerald – The Color of the Year

Some of you may know that emerald is the 2013 color of the year. So if you are looking for inspirations for this year, why not try incorporating this rich color. Would be especially great for a winter wedding!

Decor: You don’t have to have a room full of green in order to portray your color scheme. Try using key items such as votives, glassware and lanterns. Paired with white, it brings out the contrast and true beauty of the rich green.




Attire: Whether you go bold or subtle just remember to consider your venue and time of year. Don’t pair a long green dress for a summer wedding or a bright green dress for an outdoor wedding, which may cause a few eyes to squint. Here are a few subtle ways to add green to your wedding party… as well as a few not so subtle.



Emerald Casual Bridesmaid Dress


Formal Bridesmaid Dress


Bridesmaid Dress Ideas


Accessorize your dress with colored sash

This is one of my favorite ways to add color to your wedding day.

Suttle green


Floral:  Flowers are a great way to incorporate your color, there are endless possibilities. Between the type of flower, color and look you really can be as creative as you want.  A new trend that has been popular the past few years is a non-floral bouquet. Collect brooches for a  a brooch bouquet or a compose a paper bouquet using paper from your favorite book. Be creative!

 green roses



Accessories: I’m sure you have all seen a bride covered in white , all except their feet where a splash of color emerges. Your shoes aren’t the only way to add color. Try adding a gorgeous emerald necklace , a bracelet or perhaps a set of dangling earrings.








Cake: Stray from the traditional white cake and decorate with a bold color. If you want to stay with a traditional white try adding a green crystal cake plate. Drawing attention to the cake and keeping a classic look.


wedding cakejpg


Invitations: The invitations are the first chance your guests get to envision your wedding. Why not make it a bold statement?



Reception: Adding color to your reception can be especially helpful in fulfilling your vision if your space is open, or has mostly a dull color palette. Try colored table cloths, linens, chair backs or draped ceilings. Each can give the space extra character.




Color Scheme Inspirations: Orange

Looking for idea color combinations for your orange color scheme. Check out these fresh looks!

Dark Orange & Fuchsia

Yellow Bridesmaid Dress #2


Yellow, Crimson & Orange

Orange Bridesmaid Dress #3


Dark Orange & Yellow

Orange Bridesmaid Dress #2



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