Bali Themed Wedding

Wedding themes like most things come in all shapes and sizes. Here is one of my new favorite wedding concepts. Bring the tropics of Bali to any location.

Wedding Customs: Conciser incorporating some traditional bali wedding customs into your own wedding.

Location: Your location is the most effective way to set the stage for your wedding theme.  You don’t have to be in Bali to set the stage for a Balinese wedding. Look for a location with lots of water and foliage. Not near a body of water? Try a resort with a large pool.




Color Palette: Bali is a gorgeous island full of reach bright colors as well as stunningly vibrant flowers. To carry out the theme try incorporating a bold color palette.

turqiouseandpink  fuschiaandlime

Flowers: Bright orchids, hibiscus, alamanda and lotus are just a few of the stunning flowers found in the Balinese area.  You can add bright bold flowers in the boutonnieres, bouquets, table arrangements or throughout the venue.








bali-bunga-pucuk-796073flowers for wedding_balinese yellow flowers



Dresses: Go for a flowing tropic look for your bridesmaids. Something that brings out the fun and relaxation of a tropic location.3a453ac102f245d051449b3431436a76



The Details: The details are by far my favorite part of a wedding. They are a great opportunity to really bring out you and your soon-to-be spouse’s personalities. There are so many ways to add little special touches throughout your wedding day. From photo props, petals displayed in the water, aisle or tables to favors for your guests. Its an opportunity to have a little .. or a lot of fun!









The Cake: Everyone will see your cake. It’s one of the few wedding traditions that is still customary at all weddings. Even if you decide to have a desert bar, cupcakes or a traditional white cake, it will be something your guests expect to see. So don’t forget to think about how to include your cake in your wedding theme. You can add touches of color, tropical flowers or even experiment with cake shapes.




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The Stationary: Your invitations are the first glimpse that your guests get into your wedding theme will be. So its important to have an idea well before the day of the wedding so you can carry out your theme from start to finish. Additional considerations are programs, place cards, menus, and personalized messages to your guests.


Wedding and Party Invitations and Stationery by  v26_om_1a

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