15 Wedding Bloopers to Make you Giggle

The silly flaws in your wedding day will be the things you remember 30 years from now. They add character to the day and make it your own. Let’s just hope none of these happen…. and if they do just remember you will be laughing about it in 30 years.

1. Aggressive swan meets Bride


wedding swan

2. Getting that perfect wedding shot.



3. With this ring….. oops


there goes the ring

4. Please stand for the Bride.


5. Feeling faint.


6. Hold on to your pants.


7. Just be glad it came out white.


8. Bride and Groom sitting in a tree…. KISSI… woops


9. Down with the ship.

lake dunk

10. The graceful entrance harsh entrance

11. Here comes the Bride.fall down

12. Do you have the rings?everyone down

13. Every party has them.

drunken guest

14. Oh Uncle Herman!



15. She’s next!bouwuettoss


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