Batman Themed Wedding

If you love planning events like I do, then you will appreciate the details of a classy themed Batman wedding. If you and your bride/husband-to-be is a comic book fanatic and the idea of throwing a Batman themed wedding has you over the moon then here are some great ideas for having your own Batman themed wedding with class.

Location: One of the biggest ways to incorporate your theme is with location. Whether its a casual barn yard wedding or a trendy Manhattan black tie event, the location is the first glimpse into your wedding. Here are a few suggestions: An old brick mansion, a rooftop location overlooking the city or a dimly lite restaurant or hotel.


Color Scheme: Color scheme says a lot. Next to location it is the biggest signifier of the wedding theme. Whether you have bright and fun or romantic and soft, your color choices say it all. For a Batman theme I think you have a few options to choose from. Black & yellow, Black and gold or Black and tan. Here are an examples to help you envision the color palette. goldblackandwhite

There are a few ways you can emphasize your color scheme. The first is through the bridesmaid dresses. Keep in mind, no one says you have to have a traditional bridesmaid dress, no taffeta and chiffon necessary. So be creative!



Or maybe you want a more traditional approach with your bridesmaids and prefer to go all out with the groomsmen attire.

zsudmrpFlowers: Every wedding I have been to the flowers have been one of the main focus points. It doesn’t matter if you choose a bouquet of romantic peonies or a subtle bouquet of greenery. Its one of the elements of a wedding that people notice. Here is an opportunity to stand out and be original.  Try a unique or bright color combo. Incorporate feathers, sunflowers or anemone. Or go for a more traditional route, you can find roses, tulips and carnations in almost any color.



The Cake: You can always go the traditional route or continue your theme all the way through the desert.

Screen shot 2010-08-09 at 1.59.51 PM

The little things: The details for me are my favorite part. I love to include special little touches to events and parties. Here are a few ways you can make you theme special to your guest and wedding party.



The transportation: You can only justify a ride like this once in your life. Why not let it be your wedding day.


Wow them! These ideas will definitely leave a lasting impression on your guests.



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