Emerald – The Color of the Year

Some of you may know that emerald is the 2013 color of the year. So if you are looking for inspirations for this year, why not try incorporating this rich color. Would be especially great for a winter wedding!

Decor: You don’t have to have a room full of green in order to portray your color scheme. Try using key items such as votives, glassware and lanterns. Paired with white, it brings out the contrast and true beauty of the rich green.




Attire: Whether you go bold or subtle just remember to consider your venue and time of year. Don’t pair a long green dress for a summer wedding or a bright green dress for an outdoor wedding, which may cause a few eyes to squint. Here are a few subtle ways to add green to your wedding party… as well as a few not so subtle.



Emerald Casual Bridesmaid Dress


Formal Bridesmaid Dress


Bridesmaid Dress Ideas


Accessorize your dress with colored sash

This is one of my favorite ways to add color to your wedding day.

Suttle green


Floral:  Flowers are a great way to incorporate your color, there are endless possibilities. Between the type of flower, color and look you really can be as creative as you want.  A new trend that has been popular the past few years is a non-floral bouquet. Collect brooches for a  a brooch bouquet or a compose a paper bouquet using paper from your favorite book. Be creative!

 green roses



Accessories: I’m sure you have all seen a bride covered in white , all except their feet where a splash of color emerges. Your shoes aren’t the only way to add color. Try adding a gorgeous emerald necklace , a bracelet or perhaps a set of dangling earrings.








Cake: Stray from the traditional white cake and decorate with a bold color. If you want to stay with a traditional white try adding a green crystal cake plate. Drawing attention to the cake and keeping a classic look.


wedding cakejpg


Invitations: The invitations are the first chance your guests get to envision your wedding. Why not make it a bold statement?



Reception: Adding color to your reception can be especially helpful in fulfilling your vision if your space is open, or has mostly a dull color palette. Try colored table cloths, linens, chair backs or draped ceilings. Each can give the space extra character.




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