Throw a Jumbo Grad Party

High School graduation is only a couple months away and we all know what that means…. graduation parties! Graduation parties used to be very traditional. The moment you showed up you knew exactly what to expect food, cake, cards.  In the last few years graduation parties have taken an unexpected turn into the occasional themed party, my favorite. You don’t have to break the bank though to throw your own themed graduation party. Here is one of my favorite themes, a larger than live games party.  All made with homemade items.

Make your own tic-tact-toe with freebee’s and colored electrical tape.

Frisbee tic-tact-toe

Frisbee tic-tac-toe

These larger than life dice were made with foam tiles, the holes were cut out with soup cans.

Jumbo Yahtzee

Jumbo Yahtzee

Dominoes made with similar material and strategy as dice. Fun for kids!

Jumbo Dominoes


Jumbo playing cards can be purchased in any novelty shop but make a fun activity for solitaire fans.

Jumbo Playing Cards

Jumbo Playing Cards

Make your own jumbo ladder golf with PBC pipes and nerf balls.

Ladder Golf

Ladder Golf

Make jenga out of old scraps of wood. For easy sliding cover with baking powder.

Larger than life Jenga

Larger than life Jenga

You cant have a game party without a checker board. This particular board was made from carpet squares and Styrofoam checkers.

Self made chess board

Gigantic Checker Board

Not into do-it yourself?  You can purchase similar items online.

Jumbo Inflatable Dice Decoration

Gigantic Chess

Giant Chess Set

Giant bowling set

Giant Bowling Set

Giant Garden Black and White Dominoes

Jumbo Giant Inflatable 4ft Football With Tee

The larger than life games are sure to be a hit with any age range and will be a memorable graduation party for your guests.


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