Easy Ways To Cut Cost Not Quality


You don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your wedding just because you have a tight budget. Try some of these budget cutting tricks.

1. Invite fewer people

No ones says you have to have a large wedding, well except your mother. Some of my favorite, most intimate weddings were small. Most wedding expenses are based on a per person basis so having a small wedding lets you expand on the extra touches that are important to you. Tips for cutting the guest list.

2. Pick the Right Date

Or should I say avoid certain dates. There are many factors that can affect the cost of your wedding and the season is definitely one of them.  Start by avoiding wedding season which is June – September. By getting married in the winter you can reduce your cost by almost 50%.  Another easy way to cut your costs is by choosing to get married on a Friday. Most places offer the same packages for a fraction of the cost.  Keep in min to avoid holidays such as Valentines Day which can blow your floral budget quickly. Picking your wedding date.

3. Rethink the Cake

There are so many options for desert why limit yourself to just cake. Why not have pie, cupcakes or a desert bar.  Lots of young couples are experimenting with desert options and straying from the traditional.  If you have your heart set on a traditional wedding cake try one of these tricks. Have a smaller version of your dream cake or have the baker decorate blocks to create the tiers you want and then dish out sheet cake in replacement.

4. Be smart about flowers

Don’t get your heart set on a certain flower or design in case that flower is out of season for your wedding. Your florist should be able to help you locate a similar flower or offer suggestions on your bouquet to save you costs. Consider including more greenery in your bouquet. Especially for a winter wedding.  When looking for a location site try to keep in mind floral costs. If you have a location that is already well decorated you can drastically reduce your budget.

5. Be creative

Instead of decorating your location with extravagant floral arrangements try decorating with sea shells or branches adorned with crystals. If its something that can be created before hand why not do it yourself. This includes invitations, favors and decorations. reduce the floral cost by having your bridesmaids carry a purse instead of flowers or have hand made paper flowers. There are so many options for the do-it yourself bride and many locations that help you put your ideas into reality at a fraction of the cost of professionals.

The cost cutting doesn’t stop here. There are tons of more ways to cut costs by being creative and thinking outside the box. The most important part is that the day is a representation of you and your future wife/husband whether that be a large formal wedding or a backyard barbeque. Its your day!


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