How to Add a Touch of Sparkle to Your Wedding

Who doesn’t like a little sparkle at a wedding. It’s your time to shine. So if you are interested in having a little sparkle at your wedding but don’t want it to be over the top, here are a few suggestions for incorporating elegant and small elements to your wedding day.

Let your flower girl shine. What little girl wouldn’t love to walk down the aisle in a sparkly dress just for her.


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Bridesmaid dresses. Start up a little envy from the crowd with these amazing bridesmaid dresses that stand out.

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 12_23_36 PM

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Decoration. Add some twinkle to your venue with simple strands of lights. You can add as many or a few as you like.

Surprise your guests with a farewell show of fireworks. It will be a treat for all ages.

Fireworks for wedding

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The brides shoes are becoming one of the many ways for her to show who she is. From sneakers to fur you can use your shoes to add a little extra to your wedding day attire.

Accessories. From your necklace, bracelet, hair pieces and rings add some bling by accessorizing your look.


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Your Bouquet. Have your entire bouquet be made out of brooches and pins or simple add a few elements to your floral arrangement. The possibilities are endless.

Broach wedding bouquet

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Your nails. Get creative. You don’t have to do the usual french manicure. Why not spice it up by adding glitter to your do. Or go with a glittered french manicure. A spin on tradition.

Sparkly wedding nail designs

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Add a chandelier or hanging candles especially in a barn or outdoor wedding. Its a great way to add a little touch of elegance to a rustic wedding.

Rustic chic wedding

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Whatever you do remember its your wedding! So have fun, be creative, and express yourself.


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