16 Ways I Blew My Marriage

It’s important that when planning your wedding you don’t forget to prepare each other for your upcoming marriage.  One man takes a look back on his marriage and reflects on how he blew it.  And what he would do differently if he could go back.

1.  Don’t Stop Holding Her Hand

“Truth was, I stopped holding hands because I stopped wanting to put in the effort to be close to my wife. No other reason.”

2. Don’t Stop Trying to Be Attractive

“I’d try and put my best foot forward throughout our entire marriage”

3. Don’t Always Point Out Her Weaknesses

“I’ve learned since my marriage ended that there is more than one right way to do most things, and that the imperfections of others are too beautiful to try and change.”

4. Don’t Stop Cooking For Her 

“I’d make it a priority to cook for her, and only her, something awesome at least every month. And I’d remember that meat in a can is never awesome.”

5. Don’t Yell At Your Spouse

“It really doesn’t take that much effort to go find her, and yelling (by nature) sounds demanding and authoritative.”

6. Don’t Call Names

“Names are names, and calling them will drive bigger wedges in communication than just about anything else.”

7. Don’t Be Stingy With Your Money

” I always had just as many if not more things that I spent my money on, and in the end, the money was spent, we were just fine”

8. Don’t Argue in Front of the Kids

“I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist or super-shrink to know why fighting in front of the kids is a dangerous and selfish way of doing things.”

9. Don’t Encourage Each Other to Skip Working Out

“I wish that we would have always told each other how sexy and attractive the other was any time we’d go workout or do something to become healthier.”

10. Don’t Poop With the Bathroom Door Open

I feel this one is self explanatory 🙂 It kills the romance.

11. Don’t Stop Kissing Her

” Usually it was because things were stressful and there was tension in our relationship, and so I’d make it worse by refusing to kiss her. This of course would lead to her feeling rejected”

12. Don’t Stop Having Fun Together

I’ve been around the block enough times to know that when the fun is missing, and the social part of life is missing, so also goes missing the ability to be fully content with each other”

13. Don’t Pressure Each Other

” Pressuring each other about anything is always a recipe for resentment.”

14. Don’t Label Each Other with Negative Labels

” Inevitably after each of those seemed to come something negative. And since when have negative labels ever helped anyone?”

15. Don’t Skip Out On Things That Are Important To Her

“Sometimes the only thing she needs is to know that I’m there.”

16. Don’t Emotionally Distance Yourself After a Fight

“I’d let myself communicate my emotions and feelings more often, and I’d make sure that she knew I still loved her any time we had an ugly bout”


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