10 Things Brides Forget To Do

With all the small details that go into a wedding sometimes it feels like you are running a small country.  Its inevitable that there are a few things that might slip your mind. Although non of these items will rain on your wedding day parade they will however make your day run smoother and cause you a little less stress.  So here are the top 10 things brides forget to do,by TheKnot.theknot.com

1. Post wedding plans

Although sometimes it feels like there is nothing beyond the ceremony and reception don’t forget to plan ahead for what happens after that.  If you are a night owl plan for guests to meet you at a late night hang out in or near the hotel. If you want to have a short night and enjoy a romantic night with your now husband consider booking a room that is not at the same place as your guests for extra privacy. Whatever your preference is just make sure you have a plan.

2. Your Overnight Bag

You have your bag packed, the room reserved and everything is in place. The only problem is how to get your bags to your hotel on the day of the wedding.  Most brides are jam packed the day of their wedding so assign a guest or bridesmaid to check into your hotel for you and drop off your overnight bags. That way when the night nears an end you know that you can go straight from the reception to your hotel room with all your essentials already there.

3. Getting Your Things Home

All those little things you planned for your special day,your guest book, your cake topper, unity candle and other momentous that you will treasure forever.  Make sure you plan ahead to have someone you trust bring all these things home for you so you don’t have to fret or worse worry about packing them into your own car on your wedding day.

4. Deciding Where Everything Goes

Sure everybody frets over the seating chart. Uncle Ed and his son can’t sit next to Aunt Mary and so forth. But don’t let the seating chart distract you from other areas of the reception that need your attention. Key places/things to keep in mind when planning ahead include  place card, programs , menus etc. Once you have these ironed out don’t forget to select someone to make sure they get put in the right spot and get brought home at the end of the ceremony/reception.

5. Decorating Special Area

Decorate the bathroom area, the entrance, any area you feel needs a little special attention. Same as the previous spaces make sure you select someone to arrange them and to take them home or make sure they are cleaned up right away.

6. Gifts For Your Wedding Party

Your wedding party is full of those closest to you and also those that have invested a lot of time and effort in your wedding and the planning of it. Don’t forget to show your appreciation for these special people. Also extend a gift or tokens of your appreciation for those that helped set-up, readers, singers or anyone who played a role in your ceremony.

7. Getting the Gift Home

Sure it didn’t look like a lot when people brought them in one by one but don’t forget that what goes in must go out. Set up a trusted person or people to take your gifts from the reception site to a safe location. If you plan to have a next day brunch for gift opening make sure this person is invited.  Have them also carry your cards out, remember that these should be kept in a very safe spot and given to the bride and groom soon after the reception or the next day if needed.

8. Day After Plans

Whether you have a next day brunch, gift opening or are leaving for your honeymoon make sure you are ready. The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is make last minute plans. Plan ahead and try not to leave last minute details until the end.

9. Legal Documents

Your celebrant should hopefully keep you on top of all the legal requirements, such as lodging your Notice of Intended Marriage at least one month and a day before your wedding day, and bringing along three marriage certificates for you to sign on the day. Check with them a few days before the wedding so you can have peace of mind.
10. The Itineraries

Check with all vendors and members of the wedding party on the wedding itinerary to ensure that everyone is on the same page. It’s best to create an itinerary with all information and times stated and passed out to all vendors and the wedding party. If someone in the bridal party is notorious for being late, start their schedule half an hour early just in case.



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