Halloween Themed Wedding!

Maybe you are looking for something unique, something the expresses who you are as a couple, maybe you just want your wedding to stand out and be fun. Why not have a Halloween themed wedding?? Here are some tasteful ways you can successfully have a Halloween themed wedding.

The first step is to embrace the theme … every step of the way.

Embrace the Darkness – Let it work for you. Use twinkle lights to emphasize the bare trees, light up pumpkins and lanterns.


Embrace the Color – Use the color pallet to pull your theme through. Greys, blacks, oranges and purples.


Embrace the cobwebs – This is a fantastic cheap way to have a Halloween themed wedding. Hand spiders from the webs or drape webs anywhere to instantly create the look and feel of Halloween.


Embrace the Sugar – Halloween is the biggest time of year for candy. So why not jump on board. Have a candy bar, caramel apples or Halloween shaped treats.


Embrace Pumpkins – Nothing says Halloween like pumpkins. Use them as table numbers, general decor or to accent other features to soften your Halloween look.


Additional Way to Embrace Your Theme –

  • Ask your guest to dress up! Nothing involves people more than asking them to contribute to the look and feel of your wedding by getting involved themselves.
  • Desserts – go for pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake or caramel apples
  • Wedding Favors- this is the easiest way to really drive your theme home. So be creative!
  • Have a mock trick-or-treat for kids. Have a pile of candy on each table and then can trick-or-treat around the reception.

Here are just some of the great ideas for having a Halloween themed wedding to remember. 🙂


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