What Would David Do?

One of my favorite wedding and event planners it David Tutera. If you have never seen My Fair Wedding you are missing out. David transforms any event into an unforgettable evening. So what are his secrets? Here are a few of David’s tips and tricks of turning your party from mediocre to magnificent.

Get creative with fruit:

  • Use citrus fruit as a decorative element. Use different fruits , bowl sizes and heights to create striking color and an inexpensive decoration
  • Cut a lemon in half and slice out the inside to place a tea light inside. Not only is it a creative way to create a candle holder but the lemon scent will transform the room
  • Hallow out fruit to create bowls. Fill them with ice cream, sorbet or crushed flavored ice
  • Decorate deserts with fruit shavings to add a touch of sweet fruit taste

Create your own:

  • Create your own colored glass by purchasing basic glassware and paint with translucent glass paint
  • Use old costume jewelry as napkin rings
  • Use wine corks as place card holders
  • Reuse small glass candle containers as mini vases for floral arrangements
  • For a holiday party create place mats out of old holiday cards

Scent Matters:

  • Use scent to capture the mood of the evening each scent means something different.
    * Lavender oil reduces anxiety and improves sleep
    * Lemon, orange and citrus oils improve mood and alertness
    * Rosemary oil assists with muscle relaxation
  • Stear clear of incense for afternoon parties. The musky smell is too strong and heavy for an afternoon party
  • To get rid of smoke odors and bad smells place a shallow bowl filled with white vinegar in the corner of a room for 48 hours. It helps absorb unpleasant smells
  • Don’t burn more than one candle in a room. Having too many scents becomes confusing and can conflict with one another

These are just a few tips and tricks from David, to see more check out his website!


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