Old, New, Borrowed & Blue

I’m sure you have all heard the old English saying “Something old, Something new, Something borrowed and Something blue”. The original saying actually finishes with and ” sixpence is her shoe”.  This English tradition has carried on through the centuries but do you actually know how these good luck tokens come to be such a monumental tradition for the modern-day bride. Each item in the poem represents a good-luck token for the bride.  Below is the representation of each token along with ideas for incorporating your own Somethings.

Something Old

Meaning: Symbolizes the brides connection to her family and her past life as a single women.

Ideas for your something old:

  • Use a classic car for your wedding day transportation
  • Wear an heirloom piece of jewelry
  • Use your parents cake topper as your wedding cake topper
  • Wear a vintage hair piece or veil that has been handed down
  • Display old wedding photographs at the card table

Something New

Meaning: Represents the new life the bride will soon begin.

Ideas for your something new:

  • Your wedding dress can always be your something new
  • Buy a new piece of jewelry
  • Have a custom perfume designed
  • Buy a new shade of lipstick for the big day

Something Borrowed

Meaning: Used to remind the bride of her loving family and friends that will be their if she ever needs help.

Ideas for your something borrowed:

  • Borrow the veil from a friend’s wedding
  • Wear borrowed jewelery from a happily married friend or relative
  • Borrow a special prayer-book for the ceremony
  • Use the same knife to cut your cake as your parents did at their wedding
  • Borrow the wedding song from your parent’s wedding
  • Use the ring bearer or flower girl basket from a friend’s wedding

Something Blue

Meaning: Symbolizing faithfulness and loyalty.

Ideas for your something blue:

  • Wear a blue garter
  • Dive a blue car for your wedding day transportation
  • Wear blue lingerie
  • Carry a blue purse
  • Wear a blue piece of jewelry

A sixpence in your shoe

Meaning: A sixpence is placed in the brides shoe to attract wealth to her new marriage

Whether this tradition is something you will incorporate into your wedding or not it is still  fun to incorporate old traditions from your heritage or your families history. Consider talking to your parents about their wedding traditions and using those in your own wedding to add a special touch of family and history.


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