Pose Like a Pro

 Nervous about posing for your wedding photos? Not everyone is a natural and even though your photographer should be able to help you out with suggested poses and placement it’s a good idea to have your own ideas in mind as well. You don’t want to look back and wish you would have gotten a specific photo.  So here are some tips from Martha Steward Wedding to put your mind at ease and feel a little more confident in your wedding day pictures.

Heather Nelson Photography

Tips for your portrait shots:

  • Take flattery photos by standing at a slight angle.  You can do this by tilting your body to the side a bit or by asking your photographer to stand on a chair to get an elevated angle.
  • Pick a photo buddy – this is someone who can be on the other end to crack jokes and make you laugh or just be there to calm your nerves. Pick someone who won’t be overly judgmental on photos or angles but is strictly there to keep you calm and looking natural in your photos.
  • Be natural – Most people are nervous about taking wedding photos, especially before the wedding so don’t worry. You’re not the first anxious bride.  If you need a smiling break ask for it. Your photographer can take more serious photos to give you a chance to relax. Or forgo posed photos with a photojournalistic approach by walking around or creating an activity to catch great photos instead of creating them.

Tips for your couple shots:

  • As stated above be natural, some of the best shots are caught candidly. So take a walk together, have a private moment with each other and ask the photographer to capture your time together without intruding.
  • Take a walk.  Walk down a path while you hold hands, take a stroll along the beach or walk down a sidewalk. The combination of movement between your hair, dress and hands will create great pictures.
  • Kiss. It is your wedding day! Don’t be afraid to be affectionate. This is one of the few times when PDA is acceptable.  The more comfortable you can feel the better your pictures will turn out.
  • Be creative. Scope out the location ahead of time for any specific areas you want to take photos. Perhaps there is a waterfall, large rock, or statue that would be a great spot. If you can’t find one at the location perhaps think of bringing something to add you’re your couple shots. Some couples have now started to incorporate signs, oversized balloons and large picture frames.

Tips for your wedding party:

  • Be active. Having jumping shots, or have the photographer take photos as you are getting prepared, or take a walk through the street.   Also interact with the flower girl and ring bearer to get them smiling.
  • Scope out the location. Just like with your couple shots have an area in mind. Perhaps have your photographer visit the location ahead of time to pic some key spots that would create a great backdrop for your group shots.
  • Use props. Think about having furniture or steps in your shots. The variety of heights will add depth to your shots. One thing to try is to organize your group at different distances, heights and lengths apart in order to create a more unique shot.
  • Make them laugh. Most guys are not exactly excited to be taking photos for hours. So try to joke around and keep it fun. Posing straight faced for too long will create obviously posed smiles and after a while sore jaws.

When you go to a stylist you have clippings of your hair-do, when you go shopping for your bridal gown you also bring clippings and ideas of what you are looking for. So why should your photographer be any different?  Go through magazines or scope out websites to bring your photographer snapshots of poses you like or to give them an idea of the type of photographs you have in mind. Communication is key so make sure to address concerns, ideas and come up with a plan before the big day.


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