7 Steps to Throwing a Party Fit for a Superhero

What kid doesn’t want to have a superhero themed birthday party at least once in their childhood?  Here are some simple, cheap and easy ways to throw a superhero birthday party that is sure to please.

  1. To get everyone in the spirit have each child AND parent dress as their superhero of their choice.  Some favorites include the Hulk, Batman, Sprideman, Superman, and Wonderwomen. If you are looking at additional ideas check out my previous post for inspiration.
  2. Create your own obstacle course. Set up pillows, chairs, and sofa cushions to make an obstacle course for the kids to climb, jump, and crawl through to catch a super villain. Time each of the kids as they make their way through the course to determine the winning superhero!
  3. Set the stage. Create backdrops or staging areas for kids to take pictures of themselves “saving the city”. Create tall building out of cardboard, create comic book captions for children to stand under or create large items out of Styrofoam for them to lift as if they have super strength. Use these backdrops as background for photos that can be printed as party favors.
  4. Create a super trap. Party goers will have a blast weaving a web to catch the ” bad guys”.
  5. Decorations. Create your own Gothem city by decorating your house with spiderwebs. Post up signs like “Zap!”, “Pow!”, and “Bam!”  have a welcome to Gothem City sign or no villains allowed.  Prop a light in the bathroom or a dark area and tape a bat across it to “signal” batman. Keep your Color scheme  in mind with decorations0039– Stick with the comic book classics. Keep your decorations, food and drinks within this color scheme red , yellow & blue. Create a payphone booth out of cardboard to give the kids a perfect spot to change into their superhero alter ego.
  6. Food – stick with food that follow the color scheme. Red, blue and yellow are prime super power colors.  Many popular snacks come in lots of colors. If you cant find a way to incorporate the colors try using shapes. Cut sandwiches into bat or diamond shapes. Create cookies in your favorite super hero shapes like lightening bolts or superman “s”.
  7. Cake – this is the easiest way to rev up your superhero party. Most bakeries now have super hero themed cakes that you can customize. But if you want the extra touch have a baker create a cake in the shape of your child’s favorite superhero emblem.  You can also create one yourself by cooking a square shaped cake and cute after you have baked it into the shape of your choosing then decorate to suit.

For additional inspirations take a look at my Pinterest inspiration board.


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