Honeymoon Registry?

There are tons of reasons to consider a honeymoon registry especially if you are already established in your home and  don’t have a long registry list. You can always accept cash as a gift most people like to give a more personal gift, creating a honeymoon registry allows people to give you cash but with the peace of mind that its going towards something fun.

If you do decide to do a honeymoon registry there is still  etiquette to conciser.  Follow these rules for your honeymoon registry and you will be all set.

1. Don’t advertise your registry on your invitations. It is never a good idea to include registry information in your invitations. Most people now days include them in shower invitations or send information word of mouth.

2. Create a wedding website. A wedding website is the best way to get all your wedding information easily accessible to all your guests. In here you can include information about your wedding, directions and also registry information.

3.  Let your guests know why. Its not uncommon for brides and grooms to create cash registries. As the average age of a bride’s age increases you find that they need less and less. Most brides have already been out on their own. Let your guests know that you just don’t have a need for a new set of knives so instead offer them an opportunity to pay for a fun trip or excursion.

4. Have a range of prices. Just like a regular registry you want to include a range of prices in your honeymoon registry. Some people can only afford a $25 gift or you have others who will want to pay for a $200 excursion. Give them options, trust me they will appreciate it. 

5. Thanks yous. DON’T FORGET to write thank you card.  Cash should be appreciated and recognized just like any other gift so don’t forget to recognize those gifts just like you would a new set of pots.

You can find tons of honeymoon registries online but here are my favorite.

Most popular honeymoon location spots have registry options for instance Carnival and Sandals offer registry options where you can pay for excursions or spa packages.


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