Wedding Inspiration from Your Favorite Disney Movie

We all have our favorite Disney movie, my personal favorite is Aladdin. Maybe you are also a Disney fanatic and wish there was a classy way to add touches of your favorite Disney movie to your own wedding. Well there is! Below is a list of great ways to incorporate your favorite Disney movie into your dream wedding.

Steal the color theme:

Beauty & The Beast : Red & Gold
Snow White: Yellow & Blue
Tangled: Teal & Pink
Cinderella: Light Blue & Silver
Sleeping Beauty: Pink & Blue
Little Mermaid: Green & Purple
Pocahontas: Brown & Blue/Teal
The Princess and the Frog: Green & Yellow
Alice in Wonderland : Blue, White & Black


Beauty & The Beast :

  •  Melt candle wax into teacups or flowers in teacups to add a special touch of chip and Mrs. Pots
  • Decorate with books. Use books to hold up food trays or to lay across a table as an accent piece.
  • Decorate with red roses!!

Snow White:

  • Use red apples as your main centerpiece.
  • Use antique mirrors as decorations.
  • Whimsical ice sculpture

Cinderella :

  • Drive up in a Cinderella carriage
  • Decorate with glass slippers
  • Have a castle cake or cake topper
  • White pumpkin centerpieces


  • Incorporate Indian lanterns
  • Add exotic animals
  • Have belly dancers

Your First Dance:

  • Lion King – “Can you Feel the Love Tonight”
  • Aladdin – ” I Can Show You the World”
  • Lady & the Tramp – “Bella Notte”
  • Sleeping Beauty – “Once Upon a Dream”

Your Dress & Accessories:

  1. Ariel
  2. Jasmine
  3. Sleeping Beauty
  4. Tiana
  5. Cinderella
  6. Rapunzel
  7. Belle
  8. Snow White

You can also view their video Alfredo Angelo Disney Gowns

  • Wear “glass” shoes
  • Wear a Tiara


  • Nothing says Disney wedding more than getting married at Disney World.  Disney will help make your dream princess wedding a reality.  Visit the Disney Wedding Website to find out more!
  • If you are having an “Under the Sea” themes wedding consider seeing if your local zoo or aquarium does weddings. Many places now allow you to reserve a room to dine with the dolphins.
  • Perhaps have your honeymoon be included in your wedding themes. Go to Africa ( The Lion King) or India ( Aladdin).

The possibilities are endless.  You can include as little or as much into your wedding theme. The important thing is that your wedding is a representation of your love for each other.


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