The Magic of Pinterest

Oh Pinterest, you addictive site you.  For those of you that have no idea what Pinterest is, you are in for a delightful treat. Pinterest is the new hot social media that allows you to “pin” your favorite things to one collective board. So you may be thinking, sounds fun but how can this help me plan my wedding?

* It’s the virtual replacement of collecting wedding magazine pages -> but free.  This means that not only can you stop lugging around those heavy, and expensive, wedding magazines but you can also free up some space on your desk by storing your ideas on your electronic board.

* It allows  for you to see all your ideas in one place to make sure that all your ideas fit together. Ever had an idea you thought was going to be great until you put the two together and realized it just didn’t work. Pinterest can help!

* You can see what is currently popular or get new ideas by going to the Wedding & Event Category. This feature allows for you to see other brides boards as well as let you follow their board if you think their style matches yours.

* It lets you put your ideas out there. People can comment, like and put in their  input. Even strangers!  Create a pin and ask for peoples input, such as “which shoes do you like?” you will be surprised by how many people will cast their vote.

* Because its fun!  it adds a new scale of fun to wedding planning by sharing your ideas and joining a community of fellow brides. ( and when your wedding is over there are so many other great ideas you can find on Pinterest)



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