90’s Movie Themed Wedding Inspirations

Who doesn’t love movies from the 90’s? So why not make your favorite 90’s classics your wedding theme? Here are a few ideas to help you channel the 90’s!


Pretty Women Themed Wedding


When Harry Met Sally Themed Wedding


Forrest Gump Themed Wedding


Matrix Themed Wedding


Romeo & Juliet Themed Wedding


Clueless Themed Wedding


Titanic Themed Wedding


Bed of Roses Wedding Theme


Bali Themed Wedding

Wedding themes like most things come in all shapes and sizes. Here is one of my new favorite wedding concepts. Bring the tropics of Bali to any location. Wedding Customs: Conciser incorporating some traditional bali wedding customs into your own … Continue reading

Top 15 Modern Songs for Your First Dance

If you’re like me and your a seasoned wedding guest, the first dance songs can get a little repetitive. Here are a few ideas to make your first dance song unique.

1. Marry Me – Jason Derulo

2. Just the Way you are- Bruno Mars

3. All of Me – John Legend

4. Come What May- Moulin Rouge (Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor)

5. Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop – Landon Pigg

6. Somewhere Only We know- Keane

7. Luck – Jason Mraz, Colbie Callait

8. Make You Feel my Love – Adele

9. You Are The Best Thing – Ray LaMontagne

10. Sade – By Your Side

11. All this time – OneRepublic

12. Fine by Me – Andy Grammer

13. I’d Rather Be with You – Joshua Radin

14. Just Say Yes – Snow Patrol

15. When I say I do – Matthew West

Infographic: A Guide to Invitations

Ah.. the wedding invitations. Invitations are easily the most looked over detail of the wedding. So take the guess work out preparing your invitations with this easy to read guide by weddingpartyapp.com


Source: http://www.weddingpartyapp.com

Add a Touch of Gold to Your Wedding Day

St. Patrick’s day is the perfect day to brainstorm ways to add a touch of gold to your wedding day.


Infographic: How to Plan a Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is an appealing option for many couples but it can also be daunting figuring out where to start. Here is a quick inforgraphic to help guide you through the planning process.


Source: Couples.com

Zoo Themed Wedding That Will Wow

I am a strong believer that you can take any theme and turn it into a classy wedding theme. It just takes time, passion and a little bit of creativity. If you have been reading my blog long you are well aware by now that I LOVE themed weddings. I love out the box fun wedding ideas. I also love animals. So I have combined two of my favorite things into one wonderfully amazing wedding theme.

Location – ALWAYS start with these three things when planning your wedding. Budget, Location and Date.  Your location. Your location will be the biggest impression of your theme try reserving your venue at an aquarium, zoo or conservatory. It will also make for memorable wedding photos.



zoo_wedding_ideas1 2 3

Color Palette –  You don’t have to go with an outrageous color palette in order to carry out your wedding theme. The details, location and flowers can say it all. So spare your wedding party from having  to buy a dress they really truly will never wear again. Here are a few subtle color schemes that will also vibe with your theme.




burnt orange



The Centerpieces- The centerpieces are actually my favorite part of a wedding. I find they are a wonderful way for the bride and groom to not only express their theme but also their personality. There are endless possibilities and very little rules to designing your centerpiece. The one rule I like to stick with is to either have a tall or short centerpiece. That way your guests can easily converse with one another at the table.







centerpieces1 2 3 4 5 6

The Flowers -When having a themed wedding flowers can be tricky. Try to focus more on the color and the arrangement. The rest will fall into place.



The Dress – I know I previously mentioned not going crazy incorporating your dress in with your wedding theme. But who says you can’t have a second, more eccentric dress for the reception.

monarchdress_closeFreeshipping-fashion-2012-KM-pefect-animal-print-dinner-party-ladies-casual-karen-dress-bridesmaids-dresses-pencilcoast carmelina--a

Gray and Pink Bridesmaids Dresses1 2 3 4 5 6

Accessories – I love the little touches. It allows you to express yourselves as individuals as well as a couple. Add a small touch of animal print with a shawl or some sassy zebra print shoes. This is also a great way to provide the wedding party with a way to incorporate their own touches into the wedding. Thinking about giving guidelines for shoes to the bridesmaids so you end up with a range of different animal patterns.

Suspender-collage-LR-CWCortelyou Scarritt Bennett - Zoo Wedding09los-angeles-zoo-wedding-photography-1



 1 2 3 4


The Details – There are so many ways to carry out your theme with details. Whether it be your escort cards, drink stirrer, decorations through the venue, favors and more. The world is full of ideas and opportunities to make it your own.



Wedding_Drink_Stirrers_Animal_Pocket_Full_Of_Dreams_Wedding_Ideas_Before_the_Big_Day_Wedding_Blog_0271 2 3 4 5 6

The Stationary – The invitation are the first impression of your wedding that your guest will get it also an opportunity to for them to get a sense of what’s ahead.  So you should have your theme in mind before you send out any invitations.  Try using matching typography and colors to pull the invitations into the wedding day through the programs, menu cards and escort cards.


The Cake –  Don’t forget about the cake! It the perfect opportunity to add colorful flowers and designs that carry your theme till the last bite. cake


1 2


Top 10 Wedding Guest Complaints


Your wedding day is about sharing your love and commitment for your fiancé with those closest to you. You want it to be a memorable day filled with love and joy from all who attend. Well, if you ask anyone who has been married they will tell you that you can’t control everything and especially not how the day goes. You can’t control rain, sickness or a broken dress straps but you can be proactive in making sure it’s the best experience for not only you and your future husband/wife but also those who have come to share their love with you on your special day. Here are 10 common complaints from wedding guests and how you can help head off some of these potential sticklers.

1. Don’t pick an inconvenient date

I get it, getting married on Valentine’s Day sounds ridiculously romantic. Becoming husband and wife at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve would be a memorable event. It’s an incredibly romantic gesture for you and your fiancé but it’s not as fantastic for your guests.  It’s important when considering your wedding day to remember commitments that other may already have.  Here are some dates that are best to avoid.  If you are still really set on a specific day here are a few tips to help ease the stress of loved ones.

– Take to your wedding party and close relatives before finalizing your date

–  Let your guests know well in advance, send out your save-the-dates as soon as possible

– Check your local calendar to avoid conflicts in the area such as a local parade, outdoor music concert, or large event in the area

2. Be clear about invitations

One of the most stressful tasks you will do while planning your wedding will be deciding on the guest list. Even more frustrating when someone assumes they get a plus one or worse a plus 5. Here are some tips in dealing with this tricky topic.

– Address your invitations clearly.

– Write the names on the RSVP card. Avoiding any potential confusion by writing in the names on the response card allowing them to check off their response.

– Be up front. Wedding websites are a great way to inform your guests of hotel locations, important locations and special instructions. One of the most common RSVP blunders is a guest assuming their children have been invited. If you have decided to not include children at your reception your wedding website would be a great place to bring this to your guests attention.

– Address the issue head on. If there was a miscommunication its best to address it immediately.

** As a general note it is customary to give an unmarried guest with a long time significant other a +1. **

3. Seating

You always want to make sure your guests are comfortable. When your guests are enjoying themselves they are more likely to stick around to enjoy the night. Most important things to remember are:

– Make sure your guests have enough room. There is nothing more frustrating then having to move your chair every couple minutes so guests can get by. Or to be knocking elbows with the person next to you.

– Keep arrangements out of eye level. Keeping your table arrangements either low or high allows for your guests to freely communicate without leaning to the side to see one another.

– Assignments. Guests prefer not having to worry about seating. So, if it’s an option plan to assign the seating. Also, when assigning the seats consider which guests would enjoy sitting near one another.

4. Avoid Cash Bars

Just watch wedding planner David Tutera’s reaction when we asked him about them and see for yourself.

– If you can’t afford to have a fun bar invest in supplying a few specialty drinks, cover wine and beer, or be creative and have a free coffee bar.

5. Check the Weather

If you live in a location with unpredictable weather or have chosen a season that tends to be particularly hot or cold make sure to include in your budge accommodating for this.

Hot location.

–       Convert your programs into fans for guests to use during the ceremony

–       Make sure there is shade for your guest

–       Provide cold drinks or a cool place for them to relax

Cold location

–       Especially if you are considering an outdoor wedding, I would recommend investing in an outdoor heater

–       Provide guests with free shawls

–       Have a bon fire or a heated area for guest to take a break from the cold

Most importantly, make sure your quests are aware before hand so they can dress appropriately. This also is true for beach weddings or a location that requires a lot of walking for guests.

6. Provide Friendly Food

I went to a wedding recently that my husband ended up eating a piece of bread and some fruit. He is allergic to nuts and every items at the reception had walnuts drizzled in the food. It’s important to consider big food allergies when planning your wedding such as nuts, shellfish and fish. If these are some of your favorite food not a problem, just make sure to include some allergy free options as well. Same goes for vegetarians and gluten free option.  If you know a large portion of your guests have diet restrictions you should try to accommodate that will at least one option for them.

7. Excessive Break between Wedding and Reception

I have to admit that I had a three-hour gap in between my wedding and reception. Knowing this would be a problem for some of my guests with small children I included in our invitations places near by to visit in between. It happened to be in a metro area, walking distance from the free public zoo. Ideas:

–       If you know that there will be a large gap make sure your guests have something to do in between.  Such as yard games, or local restaurants.

–       Provide them with local brochures for activities in the area.

–       Make sure the reception is available in case they want to arrive early.

8. Don’t offend Grandma with Kanye West

Sure, you might love to dance to “Gold Digger” but that doesn’t mean your grandma does. Keep all guests in mind when selecting music for your reception. Here are some easy tips:

–       Don’t seat elderly guests by the speakers

–       Play music that is easy to dance to

–       Never play music with inappropriate language

–       Stay with slower, safe songs and move to the louder music to later in the evening

–       Play music at a reasonable level. Weddings are a great opportunity to catch up with friends and family so make sure your guests can still enjoy one another’s company.

9. Disorganization to the max.
I once attended a wedding where the cocktail hour became two-and-a-half hours long because the bride and groom wanted more photos in the moonlight. Imagine the look on guests’ faces when we finally sat down to our seats and waited another hour and a half before dinner was served.

– Create a timeline of events and assign someone responsible for keeping you on track

– Don’t be a Bridezilla. Yes it is your day, but there are potentially hundreds of people that are spending their day celebrating with you. So make sure to keep them in mind as well.

10. Don’t forget to do thank you’s

It is so easy to watch the day just pass you by without getting a chance to talk to everyone. So take a break from the dance floor and chat with your guests. Even a quick hug or thank you for coming will be enough to make your guests feel appreciated.

Thank you cards: Even if you had a chance to thank everyone at the wedding for coming, you must send thank you cards. This is something that everyone expects and because some guests make special arrangements to be at your wedding be sure to make the card personalized.  My tip for you is to split the cards up between the two of you and tackle a handful of cards every day. Most people don’t expect a thank you card for a month or two.

Top 10 Wedding Guest Complaints

How to Give the Perfect Toast

Giving a toast can be a nerve wracking event. But it doesn’t have to be! Here are 10 tips to keep in mind when preparing to give your toast.




infographic: The Road to Happily Ever After

Ever wonder how your love story compares to the millions of other couples on their way to alter? Here is a fun infographic to see how your love story stacks up with other couples on their way to saying “I Do”.


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