Ultimate Floral Guide

Have a color scheme picked out but no clue on what flowers are available in your colors? Take a look at the floral guide to pick flowers that coordinate with your color scheme.

Your florist will be able to help pin point what flowers are in season and within your price range but coming with suggestions can help her make your dream bouquet a reality.

Wedding Dress Style Guide

Picking out your wedding dress is an unforgettable experience. For most women it’s one of the best shopping experiences you will ever have but it can quickly become a frustrating experience if you aren’t trying on the correct style for your body type. The Wedding Dress Style Guide should give you a head start on finding the perfect dress for your big day.

Download the PDF version of the Wedding Dress Style Guide.

Honeymoon Registry?

There are tons of reasons to consider a honeymoon registry especially if you are already established in your home and  don’t have a long registry list. You can always accept cash as a gift most people like to give a more personal gift, creating a honeymoon registry allows people to give you cash but with the peace of mind that its going towards something fun.

If you do decide to do a honeymoon registry there is still  etiquette to conciser.  Follow these rules for your honeymoon registry and you will be all set.

1. Don’t advertise your registry on your invitations. It is never a good idea to include registry information in your invitations. Most people now days include them in shower invitations or send information word of mouth.

2. Create a wedding website. A wedding website is the best way to get all your wedding information easily accessible to all your guests. In here you can include information about your wedding, directions and also registry information.

3.  Let your guests know why. Its not uncommon for brides and grooms to create cash registries. As the average age of a bride’s age increases you find that they need less and less. Most brides have already been out on their own. Let your guests know that you just don’t have a need for a new set of knives so instead offer them an opportunity to pay for a fun trip or excursion.

4. Have a range of prices. Just like a regular registry you want to include a range of prices in your honeymoon registry. Some people can only afford a $25 gift or you have others who will want to pay for a $200 excursion. Give them options, trust me they will appreciate it. 

5. Thanks yous. DON’T FORGET to write thank you card.  Cash should be appreciated and recognized just like any other gift so don’t forget to recognize those gifts just like you would a new set of pots.

You can find tons of honeymoon registries online but here are my favorite.

Most popular honeymoon location spots have registry options for instance Carnival and Sandals offer registry options where you can pay for excursions or spa packages.

Not All Registries Are Created Equal

That’s right not all registries are created equal. Many registries now offer incentives to register with them. Take a look at the registries below that provide benefits to not only you but also your guest.

1. Bed, Bath & Beyond -

  • Free gifts for registering for select brands
  • 10% off everything left on your registry
  • Guests can use 20% off coupons to purchase your gift

2. Kohls -

  • Free announcement cards that include a 15% off discount
  • 15% off everything left on your registry

3. Macy’s -

  • Bonus gifts for registering for certain brands
  • Automatically added to the Macy’s reward program that gives you point (cash) for every gift that is purchased on your registry.

4. GiftRegistry360 -

  • Combine all your registry items into one simple list
  • Register for items at stores that don’t have registries

5.  eRegistry.com -

  • Guest purchase WishCards which can be used as cash
  • 30% off purchases in their online mall

6.  Give Artfully -

  • Register for all hand made unique artwork
  • 5% of proceeds are donated to the non-profit of your choice

7. The Man Registry-

  • Let your guy be part of the registry experience
  • Provides Groom 101 articles and vendor lists

8. JC Penny-

  • Free Engagement Portraits
  • Free Shipping for your guests
  • 10% off everything left on your registry

9.  William – Sonoma-

  • In-store guidance
  • 10% off completion discount

10. Wishpot.com

  • Get notified when an item goes on sale
  • Allows your guests to contribute to a large gift together

Hopefully these gave your some ideas for making the most out of your registry, now go have fun!

Name Change Made Easy

You’re finally married …. or at least the reality is setting in that you will soon be Mrs.fillintheblank. It’s fun to say it but first we have to make it legal. While doing research for my own upcoming wedding I discovered a genius site called I’m a Mrs. The site guides you through a step by step process of changing your name. Making it as simple and stress free as possible, at a charge of course. Their easily affordable packages help take the guess work out of changing your name, and ensure that no stone is left unturned.

Package Options

Standard – $29.95

  • All Government Forms
  • 3 Additional Forms of Your Choice

Premium – $49.95

  • All Government Forms
  • Financial Companies
  • Utility Companies
  • Mortgage Companies
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Fitness Centers
  • Medical
  • Any Other Form Available

You can also purchase gift cards which are perfect gifts to give to friends, family or send a hint hint to receive it yourself as a shower or wedding gift. :)

Wedding Planning Tools

Now that your engaged it’s time to get planning.  Wedding planning is a multi-billion dollar business so naturally there are hundreds of tools out there right at your fingertips. Luckily for you most of them are free! So how do you choose? Here is a list of my favorite online resources.

  •  The Weddingbee – A blog featuring posts by real brides from across the U.S. It allows for you to get advice, ideas and relate to each bride as they go through the wedding planning process from ceremony locations to wedding song choices.
  • Weddinglovely - By signing up with weddinglovely you get e-mails regularly telling you what needs to be done, when to do it and how to get it done.  Click to see an example e-mail.
  • Theknot – The knot is a top notch site to get all of your wedding questions answered. Their online planning tools help you calculate your budget,create your wedding website to let guests know where to stay, how to get to your wedding and registry information, and much much more.  You can also download the Ultimate Wedding Planner app from Theknot.
  • Oncewed – The blog Oncewed provides you will inspiration from real weddings. See what trends are popular and get ideas for your own wedding by seeing what brides around the country are doing.
  • WeddingWire - Has over 200,000 approved vendors, help track your budget, find the wedding song for you and track your guest list.
  • Newlyweds! - Create your own wedding website and keep track of your RSVP’s online.
  • GiftRegistry360 – Combine all your registries for your guests into one quick list. Registry360 will automatically detect your online registries and combine them into one condensed list. They also allow you to add to your list anything you want! Want to registry for a hunting riffle, sure sounds strange but why not? Just add it to your 360Registry.
  • Deposit a Gift- Your tool for cash registries. As couples are waiting longer to get married they find that they need less and less registry items. So why not use this tool to accept cash gifts to put towards a new house, or a remodel.
  • Honeyfund.com – Similar to Deposit a Gift you can ask people to contribute money to your honeymoon. More and more couples are paying for their own weddings which is leaving the honeymoon in the dust. If you are one of these couples maybe a honeymoon registry is for you.

Didn’t find exactly what you were looking for? There are hundreds of tools out their for brides of any kind. If you want more suggestions here is the top 100 tools, you are bound to find something in here to help.

The Magic of Pinterest

Oh Pinterest, you addictive site you.  For those of you that have no idea what Pinterest is, you are in for a delightful treat. Pinterest is the new hot social media that allows you to “pin” your favorite things to one collective board. So you may be thinking, sounds fun but how can this help me plan my wedding?

* It’s the virtual replacement of collecting wedding magazine pages -> but free.  This means that not only can you stop lugging around those heavy, and expensive, wedding magazines but you can also free up some space on your desk by storing your ideas on your electronic board.

* It allows  for you to see all your ideas in one place to make sure that all your ideas fit together. Ever had an idea you thought was going to be great until you put the two together and realized it just didn’t work. Pinterest can help!

* You can see what is currently popular or get new ideas by going to the Wedding & Event Category. This feature allows for you to see other brides boards as well as let you follow their board if you think their style matches yours.

* It lets you put your ideas out there. People can comment, like and put in their  input. Even strangers!  Create a pin and ask for peoples input, such as “which shoes do you like?” you will be surprised by how many people will cast their vote.

* Because its fun!  it adds a new scale of fun to wedding planning by sharing your ideas and joining a community of fellow brides. ( and when your wedding is over there are so many other great ideas you can find on Pinterest)